Saturday, November 07, 2009


{Photo taken by my daughter of our two dogs, happily exhausted, who are mutts and not related}

I've always loved the word. I've had so much of it in my life. Do our thoughts attract like? Can we manifest connections to each other? I do believe the power of our minds is extraordinary. And we only tap into maybe 10%.

Like today. I was thinking of a fellow blogger whose life-style is greatly similar to mine. We are currently in Toronto and have never met and I was thinking: gee, I should email her, we should get together. And I open my email this morning and there she is, saying let's do lunch.

I'm currently doing research on WW1 for a book and I pick up "The Atlantic Monthly" in the airport yesterday and inside is an article on WW1 and its far reaching effects even into today and when I get to Toronto I find my granddaughter's current project for school is on, you guessed it, WW1.


  1. Hmmmm ..I wonder why the sudden interest in WWI.Perhaps its because the 100th anniversary of its start is on the horizon.
    Just think no WWI no Hitler no WWII

  2. GFB:
    I hadn't thought of the anniversary.
    Yes it started so much - some positive, like the beginnings of nationalism in Canada, Australia and India.
    But I can't forget at the cost of all those who died (and oftentimes, stupidly and at the whims of their commanders).

  3. I like your matching set of fire dogs!

    Good luck meeting the blogmate.

  4. Totally believe in synchronicity. It explains why (living in Toronto) I connected with your blog, this afternoon, after reading your comment on Stan (Sentences Only). Here, sharing what helped me so much years ago, when going through a period of painful isolation. From Schleirmacher, "By the ingenious mechanism of this community, the slightest movement of each individual is conducted like electricity through a long chain of a thousand living links." And from Emerson, "There is a relation between the hours of our life and the centuries of time."

    Wishing you a wonderful time, in Toronto, with family and friends.

  5. Thanks Claudia.
    Great quotes, I also believe in cellular memory, having experienced the phenomenon.

  6. Cellular memory? How fascinating! I just googled the words, and there is much to read. Thank you. Maybe you could tell us of your own experience? All the best, always.

  7. A definite case of "...more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio...."

  8. I do believe in telepathy, having experienced that sort of "coincidence" quite a few times. And even shared dreams, which I may have mentioned before.

    Of course the WW1 coincidences can be explained by the fact that if your mind is focussed on something you will see references to it everywhere you go. Obvious example being a lover you've just split with.

  9. LOL!

    Great looking dogs, lucky you!

  10. Your dogs are synchronicity personified (or doggified) aren't they, WWW ? ;-)

    I think there are different kinds of synchronicity - the kind Nick mentions, above - encountered often when one's mind is in a particular groove (WW 1 or whatever); and the other more mystical, probably something to do with what we call telepathy, but it's not quite as simple as that, I reckon. Another of life's lovely mysteries.

  11. Contented dogs, usually mean contented humans! Enjoy your blogger lunch.

  12. @Claudia:
    Thanks for the idea, worthy of a blog post in the future.
    Synchronicity, I was thinking of this quote prior to opening my comments today. Well done!
    And songs too, reminders. Yes, there's a lot to it, isn't there?
    Yes they are very special.
    They really are. When Ansa came into my life in NL, I never saw the resemblance until she and Shamrock were together. Extraordinary for mutts, isn't it?
    You are absolutely right. I am so looking forward to lunch with Annie and sorry that your health prevented you and me getting together when I was in Dublin.


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