Thursday, November 12, 2009

Report of a Day in the City

Yeah, I'm there. I'm in the groove again (do they even use that term anymore?). She's back. City Woman.

I had breakfast with the grandgirl. Rare. Very rare. She is a going concern. for her to cook us waffles before school and sit down across from each other and eat, in the morning, well, amazing. She is fifteen after all.

Then it was on to meet my blog buddy Annie for lunch. Neither of us had ever done such a thing before. Meet, in the flesh, another blogger. A first. It was wonderful. Well over two hours chowing down on some great Thai food and nattering of families and travels and the east coast and the west coast and Canada and politics and grandchildren, well, you get the picture.

Then I decided to walk downtown from where we were, along Bloor Street and down Yonge St - the longest street in the world. 1896KM. Ha! - no, I didn't walk it all but did cover what my father could have called a goodly hike.

Memories get stoked. Of working in this area back in the sixties and seventies in office atmospheres similar to those described in Mad Men. Seriously. It amazes me that Mad Men captures that era so well. I lived it. In the office buildings on Bloor Street.

And then, and this makes the city soooooo worthwhile, it really does, a friend treated me to August:Osage Countyat the Canon Theatre. 3-1/2 hours in the theatre that fly like 10 minutes. Theatre so good you never want it to be over. Estelle Parsons at 81 giving the performance of a lifetime with a supporting cast that never puts a foot wrong.

I was spellbound. Entranced. I love the city.


  1. Your first ever blogger-meet? What fun. You never met me and Jenny while you were in Ireland, you naughty person. Actually, Jenny's going to Toronto to see her cousins in December....

  2. Oh WWW, it was a blast!

    I guess our 2-hour lunch gave us both a tonne of energy, I ended up going for a long walk too! I love the contrast between the city and the country, there's delight in both places.

    The play sounds wonderful.

    Here's to blowing the roof off the house! ;-)

  3. and your blog makes ME love the city, too. only been to toronto once, but i was entranced. we're hoping to go back fairly soon.

  4. I lived in Toronto between 82-84.... I was in junior high at the time, so my memories are very scattered.
    What I remember the most is, how cold winters can get up there.... Summers were beautiful...

    I bet you are happy to get away from Dial Up... :):)

  5. Ah - you have the best of both worlds, WWW! I guess that one throws the other into sharp relief too. :-)

    Glad to read that you're having fun.

  6. Yonge Street aint that long . Thats a Trawna conceit.Tell the folks in Huntsville that they live beside Yonge Street not Highway 11 and they'll think yer nuts

  7. It's the country life for me! With frequent trip to museums, The Shakespearen Festival, the aquarium, the opera, the ...

  8. You put it so well, WWW. I grew up in Montreal. I always said, "I'll have a bush life, or a city life." I loved having worked, as a nurse, in Northern Ontario, Georgian Bay, James Bay, Baffin Island. But, since I reached 50, it's been Toronto. For everything you mention. I'm so glad you're enjoying re-discovering your roots. They are very deep. And you truly belong. All the best. Always.

    P.S. Not to forget that, right in the heart of the City, we have the Islands, just a short boat ride away.

  9. @Nick:
    Hey - You were way up in Belfast and I was way down in Dublin but Toronto - there's a possibility!
    Totally. We should keep blowin' - as "actionistas".
    You will love it!
    High speed heaven is wonderful....
    Best of both, you said it!
    A rose is a rose is a rose.....

  10. @Brighid:
    I'm very lucky to have both...
    Well having both I feel doubly blessed. I actually flew into Toronto Island this time, my first Porter flight and I loved it. I'm having a blast tho next Thursday when I fly back to NL seems to be coming far too soon!!


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