Monday, November 09, 2009


Outport Woman in the City

Sirens blow, traffic weaves
Swift, careless, callous
Around and about and
Over and under my paralysis.

Leaving me breathless,
Sound breaking into bits
Inside me, me relearning
By brute force, city life.

I see the smudged colours of
Pollution laced sunsets,
Smoky orange, smeared crimson
Behind uncertain tall buildings.

And squeeze far too tightly
Memories of the lilting swirl
Of lavender and rose and lemon
On the willing waters of the bay

Photo courtesy of the grandgirl.


  1. waw! what a beautiful and intelligent little poem. :)

    thank you....

  2. Lovely poem. Seven years stuck in the US Heartlands makes me feel the same way. Head back to your Newfoundland oasis just as soon as you are able.

  3. Beautiful! I had a dream about tall buildings last night and how the tallest ones ended up collapsing. They were owned by the forces of evil. Go back to you silent shore, WWW, that's where you belong.

  4. Missing it already huh? ;-0
    Lovely poem WWW, and beautiful photograph.

  5. The message there certainly seems to be a wish to get back to a less-populated environment. Cities can be pretty overwhelming when you haven't lived in one for a while.

  6. It is nice to go away, but twice as nice to come home.

    Your grandgirl has inherited your creative talent. A wonderful photo!

  7. . Seven years stuck in the US Heartlands makes me feel the same way. Work from home India


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