Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Separation of Church & State Much?

Moral high ground=Roman Catholic Church and it's now putting all its considerable bullying power into ensuring the citizens of the US are not all treated equally.

Well, Catholic laymen are treated equally as long as they’re heterosexual of course. The males of the cloth can be of either persuasion. Mainly homosexual as it appears that a higher than average percentage of them died from AIDS in the eighties. 4 times higher than the general population as a matter of fact. But lay Catholic homosexuals or LGBTs are not entitled to marriage or child adoptions or child fostering.

And as to female Catholics? Don’t get me started on the second class citizens who can’t participate fully in its machinations with not even rights to their own bodies. Whatsoever. Particularly when it comes to breeding. No matter how brutal and reprehensible the inpregnation or the age of the female. And the piece de resistance was the church’s threat of excommunication for all involved in supporting an abortion following the rape of a nine year old girl by her stepfather. It seems their hypocritical advocacy for the rights of children ceases when the child exits the birth canal.

And I haven’t even touched on the consistent and pernicious paedophilia which has been rampant in their ranks for centuries and is only now seeing the light of day.

By its very nature the church attracts the sexually dysfunctional and deviant. Who call the shots. Who hold sway over the legislation of the US government.

And no one is calling them out on it.

No, instead they wield enough influence to affect health care coverage for those deemed not quite human or equal. The poorest, most marginalized and most needy.

Whatever happened to “the meek shall inherit the earth’?

Whatever happened to the separation of church and state?

And hark! that faint, oh so faint whisper of "liberty and justice for all"?

PS I have previously posted on the Catholic Church here in these posts.


  1. I'm not a Catholic so it puzzles me no end why people stay in that church. If all the women and gay men just left, then the Catholic Church's dictates on this or that would be irrelevant, wouldn't they? And if all the women left presumably they'd take their kids with them and pedophilic priests would be up a creek, wouldn't they? If all that was left was hetero males they'd just be yet another Old Boys Club whose political influence might still be felt but who would be a dying breed (especially all those "celibate" priests!), wouldn't they?

    I think that's what happened in Quebec in the '60s, we can all learn from those darn separatists ;-)

  2. The RC church doesn't possess nearly the clout in the UK that it does here in the US (and, of course in Ireland and Italy)- especially not in politics anyway.

    You're right WWW - hardly anybody with any clout of their own calls the church out on its hypocricies, or calls out Congress for allowing the church (any church) to hold any sway at all in a department where they should be absolutely irrelevant.

    In the US the problem must have arisen originally due the huge number of immigrants from Ireland, Italy and the South American countries where the RC church is so strong. I don't see change in this area coming any time soon.

  3. Well, you know how prevalent religion is here in NI and how does it benefit our lives? No way at all that I can see, it just creates endless hostility and violence and keeps people from cooperating together to build a better society.

  4. I wrote this in tribute to the new Bishop of Westminster. But look on the bright side, at least he's straight. (I have it on reliable authority he used to keep a caravan next to his lodgings to entertain nuns in.)

    Cardinal Sin

    He's got the biggest Bishoprick, the nuns they all agree
    The bad boy bish is quite at dish, even at 63
    He's not into altar boys or remotely gay
    The Pope noticed Sinnie Vinnie and hip hip'd hooray!
    He's also controversial, but just enough
    To beef up the image that the Papists are tough
    A religion to be reckoned with and no mistake
    Doesn't have to be that genuine, just not an obvious fake
    Though if only the P could see him in his state of undress
    Conferring communion upliftment on nuns in distress
    Begging his wine and wafers, but getting genuine resurrection
    Or that's what Ol' Nick tells them as they ride his erection
    'Jesus wants me to be happy, so you're doing God's work'
    He reassures their doubtful upturned faces with a final jerk
    'Now does anyone fancy being an Archie's angel?
    I'll have to test your typing speed as well to choose my Westminster gel
    Though I'll keep you for Vespers, And you for afters, And you for when I'm swinging from the rafters!
    Hell's teeth, it's so damned hard to choose
    Which of you to keep and which of you to lose
    If only I could take my black and white flock with me
    But I don't suppose the big cheese'd stretch to a spot of polygamy.'
    Little did he know an undercover journo had joined in the fun
    Who was to boast the best typing speed and prove his No.1 nun!


  5. oo-er, I've just realised the above is ever so slightly ruder than I remembered.


  6. The Poet Laura-eate ---ROFLMAO!!!

  7. Annie:
    I put it down to brainwashing and of course the fear of hell for ALL eternity. I was brainwashed but woke right up in my twenties.

  8. Powerful lobbies also, T, and the perceived electoral control of their flocks. And their exempt from tax status should absolutely prohibit them from governmental matters, right?

  9. Nick: they say every war ever fought can be traced to religious intolerance and I tend to believe that!

  10. LOL Laura, LOL, and no, it might not be rude enough!!!

  11. Religion has and comntinues to be the root cause of most od the world's problems. Look back at history & look at today's mess.
    Religion is not spirituality, being a decent & caring human being with respect for mankind & the rights of all humans should be the creed of us all. Too many religions, too much hatred & too little tolerance of others creates chaos & discourse and so the world is upside down with discontent.

  12. I agree Marbur, so many confuse religion and spirituality. would that we all could live in the spirit and practice just the Golden Rule.


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