Monday, March 28, 2011

Bears Repeating (and repeating)

~~~~~~~~~~~Libya, 2011~~~~~~~~~~~

"The truth is, they want you, you see, to be poor. If you don't know the reason, I'll tell you. It's to train you to know who your tamer is. Then, whenever he gives you a whistle and sets you against an opponent of his, you jump out and tear them to pieces."

Aristophanes: circa 422BC

Two World Wars, Vietnam, Iraq, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya.....Iran?


  1. And what is behind all of this? GREED!

  2. Didn't realize that truth had been around as long as that. They say, It was ever thus, but I guess it really was.

  3. We in the Netherlands appreciated very much being liberated by the Americans and the Canadians in WWII. Don't forget that.

  4. Amen GM - nothing else.

    Annie - I was shocked also, nearly 2000 years and we're still in the same game.

    Nora - you have to look at who financed the Nazis for the complete picture.


  5. Even tracking backwards - pre- the 2 world wars, the pattern continues - wars, empire-building......back and back....

    The patterning must be hard-wired into our human DNA, WWW. Once we had mastered how to grow crops, make fire, construct the wheel - off we jolly well went - in all the wrong directions.

    I see no end to it.

  6. And with any luck you won't be blown to pieces yourself by the odd cruise missile.

  7. Like a punch in the gut.
    So real without any gift wrapping.
    I must read more of his writings.

    As a young girl in high school I realized that all history, any history of war and violence down through the ages is the same, only the the outfits change.

  8. In my opinion all we saw in Libya and other country are due to America,because they wants to hire the leaders of their own


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