Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Walter & Dolly

Portrait of Dolly. February 2011

I was born under the sign of The Cat - Leo.

I would have told you I am not much of a cat lover being partial to dogs.

But there have been cats that I have loved and ones who have loved me.

There was the king himself, Walter (named for the actor Walter Matthau of the sideways lurch) who was more canine than feline and came walking with me and the dogs every night, just about causing car pileups as the four of us would navigate pedestrian crossings, Walter in the vanguard.

Walter's best friend was not one of our dogs but a dog two doors down by the name of Bear who was a German Shepherd. They would roll over and around and under each other on the lawn in complete ecstasy. Walter was a big boy. Jet black. From a long line of genuine barn cats. By big I mean he looked like a panther and weighed close to 30 lbs. The vet and I would put him on diets. On one of the more extreme diets (we were concerned about his blood sugars) I was shocked when he was gaining rather than losing weight.

Until my neighbours dropped in on me one night and said, "You've got to see this, you won't believe it!"

I trotted down to their place where I was led down to their basement. There was Walter with Bear lying beside him licking him. Walter was chowing down on Bear's food. Bear was fed in the basement and had managed to slide open the basement window, put his paw through the screen and let Walter in. Walter had been coming in every day to top himself up on Bear food.

After that, I gave up on Weight Watchers for Walter.

I loved Walter dearly and miss him to this day.

And I'm also partial to Dolly pictured above who has her favourite spot on the back of a chair in a friend's house. And participates in all the conversations. A gorgeous and gregarious girl.


  1. Walter sounds like a cat after my own heart. I'm sure I would have liked him very much. I think we all have had a Walter in our lives. An unforgettable cat that acted more like a dog. He reminds me of my cat Duke who was a very sturdy and wise animal that showed up one day and stayed forever. He knew how to read your mind.

  2. Dolly looks just like the cat that luxuriates on the roof of our old Wendy House when it's bright and sunny (not our Wendy House, it belonged to the previous owners).

  3. I detest cats, they give me the creeps. My sister has two and when I visit they permanently pester me by trying to climb on my knee.

  4. The reason cats are attracted to people who don't like them is because those people look away and that is considered very polite in cat. Look right at the cats and they will think you are rude and leave you alone!

    Harper and Ramona are two of my biggest joys in life.I would not like to have to live without a cat.

  5. Walter sounds fun - but Bear sounds funner! ;-)

    I prefer dogs; cats and horses also fascinate, but I've never been intimate (in the nicest possible way) with either. Rabbits, hamsters etc etc not so much. Wolves and bears - love 'em too, but on screen.

  6. Loved the cat stories. Love cats.
    Also loved your ladybug visit(s) and in general am lovin' your blog!

  7. Nora:
    yes some of these cats can be extraordinary creatures indeed. I'm glad you had one too!
    I hope you get to spend time in the Wendy house too!
    Follow the good advice of Zuleme - and surprisingly I'm with you, I just hate being assaulted by strange cats (and I particularly despise the Siamese of the species)!
    What gorgeous names your cats have, and this is the longest time I've lived without a cat. Though I've never consciously chosen one, they have always found me~!

  8. T:
    Oh Walter even funnier in that if I didn't put his food out fast he would cuff me (quite hard) on the leg as he walked by. I would refer to myself as a biker's moll.
    I love coyotes too....

    Oh thank you Betty!

    I am drunk on the kind words of others today, thank you!


  9. Not a cat fan...Dogs for me. I did have a kitten that was a drop off at the vet's I worked for. She was a hoot, named Stella. She went to live in a friend's barn when we moved. That was the last cat we had, coyotes love'm...


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