Wednesday, March 16, 2011


(Photo is of the view from the sink by my kitchen window during a brief rainstorm the other day. Transfixed as I wash up the pots? What do you think?)

I mentioned that I had two family members on business in Tokyo during the catastrophic events there.

One has now left to go back home and one has stayed and today I get an email from the one who stayed (but who is leaving this week) and this is what he said, and I quote directly from it:

I will now be leaving on Friday- I delayed my departure to finish off
something here in Tokyo. There does appear to be more panic in other
parts of the world more that here, particularly in connection with
radioactive fallout. My Japanese friends do keep me fully informed and
while I do not like the earthquakes (we had a few in the last few
minutes) I feel quite safe here.

He is an architect and was involved in some new projects in Tokyo so I can only assume there are continuing forward plans in motion for construction.

I feel a glimmer of hope for Japan.


  1. i hope it all works oust for them...and i'm so envious of your view :)

  2. We are fortunate to have great views from our kitchen sinks!

    That communication from Japan sounds hopeful.
    I sometimes wonder about the need for a major influx of media and press people in time of a disaster. Yes, we do need to be informed, but do we need a team from every news programme using the vital food, water and power that the locals are in desperate need of?

  3. Had I that view, I might be constantly washing dishes.

    Good news from Japan. I'm glad to hear your family member is safe and well.

  4. That's certainly good news about the optimism in Tokyo.

  5. I'm surprised you didn't mention Japan's dire economic situation. They're already heavily in debt so goodness know how they'll find the colossal amounts needed to rebuild the country. I was reading that many Japanese are fleeing for fear of a total disaster at the nuclear plant.

  6. I wonder how Japan will survive this disaster and if the optimism isn't misplaced. The nuclear situation only seems to get worse and then there's the massive clean up and rebuild. Their economy is taking a beating too. I'm much more pessimistic.

  7. Glad to hear all well with your relatives. I think the natural resilience of the Japanese people will see them through. They seem to have a sense inner calm that we in the west don't often achieve.

  8. You're lucky indeed to have such a fine view from your kitchen.

    Much of the panic about radiation seems excessive, especially when compared to the depth and extent of ongoing loss and grief. (There's some helpful information and perspective on radiation in this chart and this blog post.)


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