Friday, March 18, 2011

This happens to everyone, right?

Do you ever think to yourself why does everything have to happen at once? So many events in the one time period that the head wants to burst with the decision making process and the BP soars with the stress of making the right one.

Next month is when my particular world is having numerous celebrations.

First of all there is a family wedding which is in Argentina. If I was going to Argentina, I would have to visit my brother in Santiago in Chile. If I was going to Chile I'd have to go to Peru, Machu Picchu has never been taken off the bucket list. The big trip to South America would happen - and that doesn't come cheap, and would have to do me for oh, say, the next 10 years of vacations.

Next up there is a major high school reunion which should be poignant and wonderful as many of our graduating class are dead: a more than average percentage to breast cancer. Our gorgeous old school is on an island in the middle of the River Lee and perhaps the effluvia from Murphy's Brewery up the road had something to do with it. No environmental watchguards in those days and the only fish in the river which made us all 'ew' were big ugly dirty mullets. With encrusted whiskers on them.

Then there is the 95th birthday party for an uncle, the uncle who was married to my absolutely favourite aunt in the whole wide world and his scattered family are all coming home for that.

Then there is the annual picnic of my mother's family which takes place on Irish Mother's Day (different from the North American) and English cousins are coming home for that along with my only living aunt who is well over ninety.

Then there is the final few weeks of rehearsals for the play I've written and am directing and which is exciting the hell out of all of those involved in it.

All of these events are happening in the same 3 week span of time and I simply can't wrap my head around any decisions at all. I had heard there was a direct St. John's to Paris flight which would make my life a whole lot easier but now I can't find a trace of it on the interwebz so will have to track down an old fashioned travel agent.

These are good choices, I remind myself. All validations of life and forward thinking in this oh so fragile little planet of ours.

So what the hell am I to do?


  1. Damned if I know! They all seem like great choices.

  2. Stay home and take care of the play.

  3. holy cow...i don't envy you. All exiting events...i hope you figure it out

  4. Hmmmm - I'd be obtuse. Ignore the "set pieces" - weddings, birthdays, mothers' days, reunions and such. As Nora said, take care of your play. Then, when that has successfully played and you feel the thrill of achievemnent - THEN arrange trips to see relatives individually, and old schoolfriends too. Then, a bit later on, if the piggy bank allows plan a South American escapade free of time limits connected to weddings.

    That's an obtuse, but still loving, way.

  5. Geeze, and here I thought my social calendar was busy with my weekly trip to Sobeys! LOL

  6. Attend everything you can't do again, then the rest will fall into place. Some things we just don't get a second chance at. Whatever you do....Enjoy!....xo

  7. Well, you can't go to everything. Just follow your instincts and your heart. They'll tell you what's most important.

  8. Me, being me, I'd stay home with my own company and let everyone else suffer the stress.

  9. Machu Picchu.

    Look at the bright side, at least you are not having to choose between funerals to attend...

  10. It's feast or famine in my life and what I like is balance. I guess a seesaw is a form of balance.

  11. love annie's comment. puts it all in perspective. i agree that these are all good and happy choices.... look forward to seeing what you do.

  12. Thanks for all the input, everyone, I value all the advice, my head was so cluttered. I agree, the important thing is the play so I will try and pull maybe one event around that!

  13. Do it all and rest when it's over.


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