Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lá Fhéile Pádraig Sona Duit

An oldie but goodie. And remember - don't be too rough on the vehicular traffic, try and avoid rolling underneath them, their undercarriages get right messy so they do.

A Happy St. Patrick's Day to us all and a special imprecation for those who take a day off from the severe deprivations of the six weeks of Lent:

May your stomachs not be pumped
From all the drinkin'
Nor your teeth go green and rotten
From all the sweeties.

And I give you my favourite Irish joke of all time:

An Irish professor of Literature was at a conference in Spain. As a conversational ice breaker, his Spanish host asked if the Irish had a Gaelic word similar in meaning to the Spanish - mañana. Sure, said the professor, we have five words similar to mañana, but none of them have quite the same sense of urgency.


  1. Love the poem and the joke. Happy Day to you, my Irish friend.

  2. Unfortunately St Paddy's Day seems to be mostly an excuse for drunken mayhem so I tend to keep well away from the local pubs and clubs and student districts. I think the original meaning of the day has got completely lost.

  3. I think that St Patrick's day means more to Irish folk away from these shore than it does here at home. For me it is a day just like any other. Northern Ireland killed the celebration for me. Elly had to go to school and Jack went to work.

  4. The Irish have such a great sense of humour - love the mañana joke!

    Happy St. P Day WWW!

  5. May the best times you've ever had be the worse you will ever see.
    ...and did you know Chicago has colored it's river green each Saint Patrick's Day since 1762?

  6. That's a great video :-)
    I hope you had a great St Patrick's day, and didn't feel quite as delicate today as two of my colleagues (one Kiwi and one Welsh) who went out celebrating last night...

  7. Hello from Wales

    I just found your blog and I am glad I did. I like it! Hope you had a great St Patrick's Day. I still celebrate it in my own way although it is not celebrated here where I live as we celebrated it in my youth in St John's.

    Anyway, keep up the good work!


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