Monday, April 25, 2011

My Gorgeous Girl

~~~~Ansa today, posing for a series of happy portraits.~~~~

I was away for just over two weeks. She hardly ate. She slept on the couch which is forbidden when I'm around. She didn't use either of her beds (one in my office, one in my bedroom). She stacked up her daily treats in her office bed, waiting for some happy times so she could enjoy them.

She was walked three times a day but her head always hung low.

She lost weight (not a bad thing).

People tell me she always looked depressed - she is normally a very happy dog so the difference was striking.

She couldn't get over herself when I showed up early, early Saturday morning (or late, late Friday night if you prefer). She threw herself on her back legs so she could kiss my face. Over and over. So much I had to just about wear her for a good half hour.

You have returned, my goddess, she whispers, as she finally wolfs down her food and starts to work on the mountain of marrowbones.

I sure wish I was the kind of person my dog thinks I am.


  1. You must be that person your dog thinks you are. Our little 14-year old Sophie is the same. I hate leaving her when she cant come with. She is so sad to stay behind and so absolutely thrilled and overjoyed to come. Wouldn't I love to be so unibhibitedly overjoyed. Don't we wish we could be as unconditionally loving and devoted as our animal companions.

  2. Paula:
    yes, we have so much to learn from our wonderful companions. Particularly the uninhibited declarations of love.

  3. And a somewhat less slobbery, 'Welcome Home', from Yours Truly.

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  5. You are exactly the person your dog thinks you are. Dogs are the best judges of character.

  6. There is nothing downcast about Ansa in the photo above. I am learning from Buffy - Elly's little dog, about the unconditional love that an animal can give.

  7. I am the person Ramona (feline) thinks I am. Her devoted servant.

  8. They makes us better people, don't they. She is just beautiful! Oh, and welcome home.

  9. Poor Ansa, pining for you while you were away. But she obviously made up for lost time with her enthusiastic welcome on your return.

  10. Awwwww. A poet friend wrote the most beautiful poem about how he was a hero to his dog!

    Or is she just trying to make out she was badly treated while you were away to get more doggie treats?

  11. Ansa must love you very much and she's not afraid to show it. How very lucky you are to be loved so.

  12. Welcome home Wise. Your Ansa is a beauty. I [unreasonably, probably] feel I can't travel because I know how Josie will suffer. I give her a treat before I leave the house and the poor sweet thing lets it sit on her tongue for a respectable amount of time before forcing herself to swallow it! Sometimes she hides away under the table so I have to do a lot of reaching to give her her treat and the pat on the head. They are wonderful.

  13. and you are, of course.

    and don't try to tell me (i know you wouldn't, but some would) that dogs don't love, they just hang around becasue they want food. ha. not true not true at all.

  14. My "ansa" was Jillie who left me 3 months ago. She was brilliant and we had a brilliant connection.. like no other..

    I can see the happiness in your dog's face; a reflection of love mirrored between the two of you, forever in your heart..


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