Sunday, April 03, 2011

Blog Jam

I was encouraged by my blog friend Viewpoint 2010 to investigate (once again)netbooks. When I had last done so, they underwhelmed me. Now I am completely impressed. I am actually test-driving it now, updating my blog.

I went a little higher in price than I intended mainly because my genius tech guy swears by Asus and the grandgirl had a major problem with Acer, which is $100 cheaper. The graphics quality on this is truly awesome for such a tiny unit. I also liked its keyboard, the keys are larger and sturdier than the Acer and the sound and video far superior. I was able to download Open Office no problem (thanks again, Veep!) and install a free 25MG Skydrive storage supplied by Microsoft. I am always amazed that not more users are aware of the best free cloud storage on the web. And Microsoft isn't going anywhere in the foreseeable future so the data is safe. See? Microsoft isn't totally awful. And this saves me a lot of flashdriving when I can access my files from anywhere, seamlessly. And for free.

This wee thing is light as a feather and I fought for and received quite a shocking discount on her and they also threw in a hot pink skin, a camera chip, a flash drive and set her up for free. It's only lately I've developed the skill of haggling. It would embarrass me even to start before. Now I'm older and tougher and shamefree. And also ready to walk away if the deal is not to my suiting. So hello little bargain Asus. We are going to be very good for each other.

Elsewhere, I had the shock of my life when I had an email from a very dear 82 year old friend today. Now, that was worth a phonecall to her. She has had a fairly tough past 15 years taking care of her husband who had Alzheimers and only began reading again this past winter after he died and proudly told me she had read 7 books so far. She also has embraced technology and is now on line. I am so inspired by elders like her who rise up again and learn and relearn new and old skills and live to tell the tale. They never shut the door on possibility as I have seen so many do.

And yes I'm packing, easy when one has empty bedrooms to lay out the potentials and evaluate carefully. I'm a good packer, rarely take more than I actually plan to wear and believe co-ordinates are the key along with lovely scarves. I am trying to decide on 'dress shoes' at the moment. I always wear the trainers and usually take sandals (Birkenstocks)for alternative footwear. I don't know why my only pair of high heels is calling me. Silence! you twisty, silly things, I say, but they don't listen.

And awful, awful, Ansa sees the suitcases and my clothes scattered about and is throwing up. It breaks my heart. How on earth does one explain one's short absence to a dog?


  1. That Asus Netbook looks sweet. Now get on with the packing and take the killer heels!

    Think only of the welcome that Ansa will give you when you return.

  2. Netbook looks sweet and i forgot about my Skydrive...thanks for the reminder...have a great trip.

  3. I are glad to hear that you decided to get the netbook. Even though mine is a lowly Acer (LOL) I still am very happy with it. Used Acer a lot many years and at $198, it was a bargain. Wish I'd had you along for the peripherals though ... you got a waaaaaay better deal than moi. OH well ... we all have different gifts!! :-)

    Sorry to hear about poor wee Ansa ... it's hard on the dogs to see us leave not understanding we're simply crossing the ocean and will be home in time for supper. Fortunately, when I had a dog, I found a kennel she liked more than me! LOL

    Sláinte agus Beannachtaí.

  4. Take the high heels even if you don't wear them. Thanks for telling me about Skydrive. I'm one of the many who didn't know.

  5. Is there a difference between a laptop and a netbook, WWW?
    I'm getting ever more out of the techno loop!

    Poor wee Ansa. I wish we could all communicate with her on-line, to keep her from feeling lonely.

  6. GM:
    Thank you. I only take stuff I am 100% sure I will wear and the high heels are still off to the side.
    Thanks my dear!
    Now where did you learn the Irish, I wonder? Very impressive indeed!
    I debated the kennel for Ansa but thought it best to keep her here with a good carer.
    Glad to be of service, ma'am, loved your piece in As Time Goes By today! H'mmmmmmm on the high heels.
    A huge difference, you can throw the netbook in a small purse (handbag to us CFA's) and it's as light as a feather, 1/2 the size of the laptop and thinner and very reasonable with the advent of Ipads.
    Yes the wee girl is so forlorn, keeps looking at me from the corners of rooms. "BETRAYOR"!!

  7. Asus is a good brand. I have contemplated a netbook except I find the 10 inch screen too small. (test drove my grandson's) It truly is conveniently portsble so good luck with yours.
    Sensible shoes eh.

  8. As a techie junkie myself I applaud your decision. Husband at the moment is downloading ebooks onto my ipad2. This modern world is amazing. Tour friend of 82 has certainly got the right spirit.

  9. I'm also inspired by people who keep reinventing their lives and refuse to retreat in the face of difficulties and setbacks. It's depressing to see people who've just given up and sunk into inertia.

  10. GFB:
    I sure am leaning in the direction of sensible shoes, thanks!
    I am still unKindled but one never knows!
    And unfortunately the inert outweigh the ert. If there is no such word as "ert" there should be.

  11. Poor dotie Ansa, bet she wishes you would just stay anseo!!

    It's best that she can stay at home, familiar smells and sights. Our black lab Taylor has her PA (my sister) come to stay when we are away. Perhaps Ansa's carer could take her for extra exercise to calm her and cause her to sleep more.

    If you begin to miss her, you're more than welcome to come out to Blarney for a Taylor-cuddle

  12. Katie:
    Thanks for the lovely offer! If you knew how many times I would cycle to Blarney when I was just a wee lass with her new very own girlie-bike!
    We would stand beneath The Stone and help ourselves to the odd bit of change showering down from the tourists' pockets, LOL!
    Yes, carer is going to extra-walk her.

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