Saturday, February 11, 2012

Five Glorious Things

{Picture was taken near my house in Newfoundland before I left}

I'm in the great city of Toronto for some days. Reigniting connections, spending time with family, cruising through the changes in infrastructure since I was last here in September.

My needle was stuck and I was devoid of feed for my blog, whether it was revisiting past writing, fresh writing, any writing. Daughter put me in touch with a new editor, as my last one and I, well, best to say we had far, far different perspectives on how my stories should present themselves.

1. To prepare for the editor, I reviewed some of my short stories and was a little charmed at how the distance from the writing of them made the re-reading of them fresh and interesting. I honestly did not remember how some of them turned out so was deliciously surprised. Does that sound vain? Who cares?

2. I had lunch with a dear old friend yesterday. He is off to Mexico on the weekend, so meeting with each other was a priority. A lingering 3 hour lunch at a wonderful Jewish restaurant which he had never been to where we caught up with life's doings and beings and felt intensely satisfied with how relatively stress free life is today after years and years of angst, problems, death and suffering of cherished ones.

3. I had dinner with another long established friend. This time a 5 hour dinner where we covered the grounds of the persecutions of our ancestors, in my case the Irish Famine Genocide, and in hers the Anabaptists of Switzerland who made their way to Pennsylvania and onward to Ontario. She shared a wedding experience in France where the charming custom is for the bride to enter the church alone and proceed up the aisle talking to relatives and friends on her way. This was followed by a week in Provence for all 350 guests. Her vivid description of her time there had me enthralled.

4. Timewise, I lagged a few minutes after Grandgirl in my returning to Daughter's house last night. But she quickly joined me in my room where we behaved like two schoolgirls with secrets and jokes until the wee hours, not aware we were preventing Daughter from getting to sleep down the hall.

5. Calendar is full both with social and business meetings while I'm here. I am replenishing, topping up the batteries of friendships and family.

I am so very lucky once I stay where my hands are.


  1. Meeting up with old friends you haven't seen for a while is always fun. All sorts of surprises and unlikely experiences to catch up with.

  2. This may just become a habit. I sure hope that it does.

  3. Fun, fun fun! At ease! Carry on having a super time, WWW!

  4. Awesome that you have that kind of relationship with grandgirl, WWW. I have often wished it were like that with all my grandmothers...but, alas, that is not the case. I was able to talk to my great-grandmother a fair bit, but she passed away in 2003. I know that I am blessed to have 3 grandmother's in my life and to have had a 4th for so long. It's incredible, really. My two living biological grandmothers and I do not have that kind of relationship, though. However, I have found in the past couple of years, that I CAN have that with my stepfather's mother. And so I take full advantage whenever I can. Especially since her health has been failing for a while now. She's in Ontario with her daughter for the winter and I am looking forward to seeing her again in the spring. I hope someday I will be that kind of grandmother. Of course, I may never have kids at this rate, so who knows!


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