Saturday, May 05, 2012

Blog Jam

(1) I've had a horrendous tax season mainly due to the unpredictability and/or unavailability and/or disconnectivity of my cellular internet connection and how much I desperately need it even for Taxware updates which are no longer provided on CDs and necessitate a high-speed connection. Not to mention e-filing.

(2) Moving into another business venture here I realized how absolutely slow-brained I can be. Well, duh, I need highspeed for that too.

(3) All of which gives me enormous doubts as to whether I persist in staying on here. Seriously.

(4) I have exhausted all political avenues and even the newspaper - which has always published me heretofore - now no longer publishes my rants of frustration on the lack of even the most basic business infrastructure.

(5) On a slightly lighter side: Other opportunities present themselves. This week I was asked to hold the auditions for a dinner theatre in another area which was a wonderful experience.

(6) I feel I'm becoming a one-note samba with my incessant and constant rant on the lack of high-speed out here on the Edge of the Atlantic which has me driven to distraction and

(7) A horrible depression preceded by the Black Dog which refuses to leave.

(8) It's not just the internet it's other bitty things which added up has me sourfaced and pissed off. Example?

(9) A guy I don't particularly like or respect reverses his truck onto my property when I wasn't there and just about lops off the roof of my pump-house, completely disconnecting it from the walls. He shrugs his shoulders when I ask him what he's going to do about it. He is clueless and penniless. When I asked him what he was doing trespassing on my property in the first place he also shrugs and mutters about picking up some plastic from Leo.

(10) With no internet in my house in the last couple of days I am in town at Starbucks on my little netbook. I would like to patronize Coffee Matters which is privately owned but the hefty parking ticket from the church parking lot across from it (on-street parking nearby is by permit only) is a complete deterrant.

The Grumpy Geezer.

And PS apologies to some of my regular commenters - New Blogger decided all by itself to throw you into the Spam Bucket. Thanks to Ramana for bringing it to my attention!!!


  1. Grrr taxes. I haven't had any computer/tech problems with it, just the fact that I'm not an accountant in the slightest and am groping blindly in the dark. And as a student, it goes against my self-imposed rule not to hire someone to do. Alas, I continue to grope.

  2. Yes, you may do well to move to a more internet friendly place if it causes you so many frustrations and there is no relief in sight. Where is the closest internet friendly place? I hope it will still give you the sense of freedom you require. Maybe not so remote. Good luck with your depression. May it heal soon. xox

  3. I shall so miss your posts if you decide to give up blogging! In fact, you are the third of my favorite writers who has mentioned stopping for one reason or another. I tend to post (and read less) in the summer months as I am barely indoors unless the weather is dismal but all the same, I would be sad to see you go.

    Giving the Black Dog a good swift kick on your behalf.

  4. Is satellite unavailable to you there? We're on HughesNet and it's not wonderful, but it does work most of the time. You love where you live. You should think long and hard before considering a move. I've noted tax time to be very hard on you over the last few years. Perhaps you might consider doing less, if finances allow, of course.
    Regarding the idiot who drove onto your property, might it not be wise to speak with Leo? If he gave the man permission, he should be responsible.
    Take heart, dear friend, these bad times are only temporary. You will be back on good form in two shakes of a lamb's tail.

  5. There must be others in your tech backward little outport that would also like to have consistant internet... if you build it they will come. How about if you all get together pitch in some dineros and and see if you can get some sort of reliable service privately until the big guns come in and get it established for all? Worth a shot, see if it is doable:D

  6. I have been thrown into jail, into a stockade and into a well besides being thrown into swimming pools a nunmber of times. New Blogger has achieved a first. It has thrown me into a spam bucket!

    Cheer up WWW. You now have a legitimate excuse to go to the

  7. Anonymous may have a point. Can you not get together with others in the same predicament and try to work out some solution of your own? The big companies seem determined to ignore your complaints. I can't think why, surely the more business they can do the better?

  8. *hugs*

    Is there any way you can send your internet provider a bill for your lost income due to them not holding up their end of the contract? Even if they aren't contracted to you to provide HSB, you do still have a contract with them for them to provide you with a service, not to force you to go to Starbucks just to keep yourself going.

    Hopefully you can throw that Black Dog a stick and while he is chasing after it, lock him out.

    And I'm not impressed with the New Blogger, either - Google seems to delight in making everything harder to use with each upgrade... (I'm still trying to find some of the basic bits and pieces!)

  9. No doubt becoming an ISP is not a career choice you have in mind, but, in parts of my province with less-than-stellar access, an enterprising small company has set up a kind of satellite business which involves relaying a satellite signal to local homes at a reasonable cost. Perhaps you can find some young person(s) who would like to take it on.

    Conducting a high stress business in a remote location sounds like a recipe for upset, remote living situations have their pluses and minuses. Now is not the time to make a decision, but when the Black Dog and tax season are behind you, start strategizing how to minimize the minuses or give up on the pluses. Surely there is a way to have your cake and eat it too!

  10. You have more than one good reason to feel down in the dumps.

    I have been away from home and having fun with my sewing machine.
    Now i am back to play catch-up.

  11. Wow WWW, that sure is a lot of ranting. Been there! It will get better. Vent, scream, cry, write, do whatever it takes to get it out. Then breathe, let it go, move on, and eventually smile again. This, too, shall pass. Hugs!


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