Sunday, May 06, 2012


Thank you for all your kind comments and personal emails. Wow, I am so lucky to live in Blogland!

I was at a meeting a week or so ago, where the topic of anger came up. Anger, a fairly useless emotion, is just the mirror side of depression. Often when someone is depressed, anger will be exhibited, masking the more authentic emotion. I witnessed that in my family of origin.

Well, to make a long story shorter, I had finished posting here yesterday, feeling at sixes and sevens, when that meeting came to my mind and the solution to anger had been presented:

Action Plan. Determine. Follow Through.

What was my Action Plan apart from ranting and raving and allowing the black dog into my living room?

What could I do? OK. I looked up the head office address of Bell Aliant. And went a-calling. It was Saturday. I was the only customer with 3 service reps.

Bottom line, they produced a hub. Brand new improvement to cellular highspeed, they assure me. I was entitled to a free upgrade and two months free service. The hub would provide wireless high speed for up to 5 computers.

Disconnects? No service for days? A thing of the past, the triplets assure me. If I'm not over the moon happy, the triplets again assure me, I bring it back. No questions.

Cynical and jaded I leave. I am so unexcited about this whole experiment that I take a nap in front of the fire that Leo has so kindly laid down in my absence, once I get home.

Then, yawning, I set up the hub. You wouldn't believe how easy. Something this easy has to go sideways. Hardy-har. Wireless internet all over my old house as the triplets had envisioned for me? Dream on, baby!

Action plans can result in dreams becoming reality. This hub - kiss, kiss - has given me unbroken and powerful high speed. For the first time ever out here at the Edge of the Atlantic.

As I type this on my netbook in front of the fire I feel I can shrug off the slithering remnants of depression and shoo the old BD out into the May sunshine.

The world, my friends, is full of fresh possibilities.


  1. As my mother always says, "This too shall pass." As I'm sure you know, ALWAYS go to the head person. NEVER waste time with a clerk.

  2. Poor Starbucks. I wonder if they will start raving and ranting.

    Congratulations. Attending meetings certainly helps. Ha! H1!! With all that I am going through, some well wishers are hoping that I will make some meetings too. May be next week.

  3. Life in the fast lane. Finally! Woot, woot, woot.

  4. Wonderful news. Enjoy the fresh possibilities!

  5. I've been on a blogging hiatus and was unaware of your internet frustrations till now.I sure hope that the hub solves your problem and keeps you out of $tarbuck$.

    Oh ya kick that black dog in the butt!!

  6. Oh stunning! Well done you for sticking to your guns and going all the way to the top. After all that pain and frustration, I am so pleased that things are finally moving in the right direction.

  7. Great news! I've had a hub for several years, I thought they were now routine, clearly not so! You must be totally delighted to have made such a massive technological leap forward....

  8. Very good WWW, glad that resolved so nicely.

    I am interested in your comment that anger stems from and masks depression as I had always heard it the other way round (depression is inturned anger) and it makes sense. They both make sense actually, a kind of chicken and egg thing.

    But whatever, getting high speed where none was before is definitely a grand opening in the clouds.

  9. So glad your life has improved. Let's hope the hub solves your problem. Pity Bell Aliant didn't inform you of this upgrade without you having to beat a path to their door. But then, that's corporations today, isn't it?


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