Tuesday, May 01, 2012

May Snow

May Snow

So you talk about the weather and you say
They'll be a May snowfall.
Always has been
Always will be.

My daddy told me for his daddy told him
And all the way back
That come May
And only in May

We put this sacred secret snow
In a bottle,
And if anything
Happens to your eyes

During the year that follows
You take that water in the bottle
And bathe your eyes.
And you never go blind.



  1. That's neat, WWW, and I didn't know that about May snow. I just hope we don't get any. xox

  2. I only wish that it would snow at all over here!

  3. Up here in the near nort of Ontario you plant at your peril before May two-four weekend.Always has been always will :)

  4. I think I'd take what my daddy's daddy told him with a very large pinch of salt....

  5. That's a lovely idea. There's been some snow here (the Rimutaka hills at the end of the Hutt Valley were glistening in the sun earlier this week), but I don't think it counts quite so much being in the southern hemisphere!

  6. I never knew my Daddy or mammy's daddies, so the stories came from that far back came from the women in the family.

    We often get frost in may and indeed sometimes snow, Next time I will put it in a bottle and save it!


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