Sunday, December 28, 2014

An Aside

I have a factotum that I've written about before by the name of Leo. Well, Leo has fallen captive to the charms of a woman. The less said about this woman the better.

As a result of this, however, Leo has been neglecting his duties here. His firewood retrieval from the barn is sporadic at best so I've been getting my lumber myself. A challenging task with a large fish pan and a rope followed by some hefty towing down the meadow to the house. But I am grateful I have the physical energy to do it.

I had wondered for a while about the secret life of my dog, Ansa. I love when animals have secrets, a whole other life we are not privy to.

Ansa would take off up the meadow and go missing for a while and then come down to the back door grinning. She's a dog that portrays joy beautifully. See above. I wondered what was causing her such mirth and delight.

When I went into the barn today I noticed a flurry of activity around the corner where the cow was kept in the old days.

And there was Ansa playing with a momma cat and her kittens. Ansa had adopted pets behind my back.

It made me very aware of the hidden joy that can be found in what I had perceived as dismal drudgery in getting my wood from the barn to the house.

I only have to look more deeply to find a glint of gold.


  1. They are hard to come by. SAW. And easily misplaced. :(


  2. This is the absolute best post you have done all year. Love your Ansa.

  3. Love the sharing about Ansa - good dog
    and Leo
    it happens
    hope he is wise'
    but they usually are not :)

  4. oboy, I hope you will be helping the cats. Mom could be starving, poor creature.
    If I was near you I would help.
    best wishes

  5. Glint of gold ~ I love that and that Ansa was the one to show you.


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