Monday, December 22, 2014

Solitary Moments

The beach. Yesterday.

Sometimes I am all alone and the pain and joy of living in this world overwhelms me.

Odd that.

I mean: I would never share, in anyone's presence, these tears. They are private.

Right now is one of those times.

When I've been over-peopled and have finally found myself alone by choice.

I mourn the death today of a dear long term blog friend no longer with us who shared every step of the dying process with her friends. Her bravery, love and courage in the face of a far too early death and a very tragic life inspires me and continues to do so.

And still.....there's always more to it.

It's that time of the year, isn't it?

Where so much hurts.

And so much inspires.

And there are memories.

And losses.

And yes, tears flow.


  1. Focus on the good times and my the year ahead be one of acceptance and peace!

  2. Sometimes the sadness of it all demands attention; let it run its course. I read a good piece this morning on loneliness that might bring some solace.

  3. I am really sad too.
    She will be very sadly missed and I didn't do Facebook so she & I were emailing. I did wonder how I should find out.......
    Thanks for sharing that.
    It has put a blight on Christmas but I'd like to say hope you have a peaceful one.
    We can but share these sorrows.
    Maggie x

  4. Thanks SJG - and backatcha too :)


  5. Thanks for the good wishes, GM, oh that we can switch our thoughts on whim.

  6. Thanks for that link Stan, talk of mirror imaging the way I'm feeling right now :)

    Solitary and lonely sometimes collide, yeah?


  7. MM:

    Yes we can share our sorrow, like you I am sure, I had nearly 10 years of friendship with Irene and so many private emails and personal cards and books exchanged. She was so incredibly brave in her sharing of the last part of her journey, warts 'n all.
    We get to know each other so well in this method of communication, don't we?
    Stay well and strong my friend. Irene said so.



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