Monday, December 29, 2014

An Aside to an Aside

For those of you concerned about Ansa's pets, allow me to reassure you.

There is a situation up the road with a subsidized independent living series of cabins for seniors and mentally challenged citizens in that they are not allowed to have animals, clotheslines, outside picnic area, planting a garden, etc., etc. I know. Cruel and unusual for people raised on the land with animals and a high level of social interactions.

So what they do is: feed any strays that come around but can't risk losing their living privileges by taking animals indoors.

Mama cat is extraordinarily well fed and sheltered (obviously) in my barn and her three kittens are thriving and safe from coyotes.

I am not interfering with this process in any way. There are many feral cats around here generated by people who can't afford to spay or neuter (most) or are careless. Cute puppies are also let loose when the cuteness morphs into a 100lb mastiff and usually they wind up as roadkill. Tragic and awful but a problem us animal lovers can't solve. I do not condone such callous treatment of animals. The nearest shelter is over 100K away and it is inundated with animals after Christmas and it doesn't pickup.

I've had many cats over the years along with dogs. And may choose to adopt one of the kittens in time. Or not.

Together with Ansa, I keep an eye on the wee creatures and I will feed them if needed but up to now the residents of the home are doing a fine job.

Too fine as you can see!


  1. It's hard sometimes when we can't rescue all the world's people and animals, isn't it? Happy New Year, and here's to hope that the world and all of us living on it will be in a more joyful place this time next year! That's an exaggerated and naive hope, I know, but aren't exaggerated and naive hopes better than miserly and jaded ones?

  2. May 2015 be healthy for you and yours, with a topping of travel and fun filled times. I am home once more from my travels and enjoying my quiet fireside.

  3. Two lovely stories about Ansa and mama cat. I agree, it seems senseless not to allow pets, picnics and gardening up the road in the independent living complex.

    Happy New Year to you and may the black dog be kept at bay.

  4. I know people who are hostile to pets and to animals indoors, period. Don't understand that.
    That is a lovely cat.

  5. Ah, WWW. I've been catching up on previous posts. A friend directed me this to quote from Forrest Carter's book, The Education of Little Tree. May it bring you some comfort too.

    "Know that death in life is here with every breaking day., that one without the other cannot be. Learn the wisdom of the earth and then you will know the way."

    From this last post, it seems you already know the wisdom. Keeping you tucked in my prayer sleeve.

  6. It's so absurd that people still acquire cute kittens without considering that sooner or later they'll be bigger, hungrier, very demanding and not quite so cute. People really should catch themselves on.

  7. I feel badly for feral animals but I'm not inclined to adopt them. Because of allergies.

  8. One does what one can. Different circumstances in different areas mean that standards in one area can be difficult to apply in another. As far as I'm concerned, if an animal is being fed and cared for it's better than not being fed and cared for - and while I appreciate that the winter temperatures where you are can fall to startling lows, when i was young all cats were outdoor cats. Of course, we don't have coyotes here either, but you seem to have covered that too!


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