Friday, July 10, 2015


I've been 10 years blogging. Close to a million page views. Wow, it's been some ride alright. It keeps the writing sharpened, gives the venting a release, provides an outlet for the sometimes down days and a shared exuberance on the up days.

I couldn't have done it without so many of you out there, the comments, the private emails, the sometimes face to face meetings which are always joyful, the shared meals, the laughter. The support. The loyalty. The heartbreak when some of you (thankfully few) died.

Even gifts in the mail. Those too. Some of you came to my play. That took my breath away. Some of us talk on the old fashioned phone. Imagine. All of you would be friends in real life too.

The blog world is something particularly unique for us elders who get to share the fears and challenges of aging. And the unknowns too when parents are long dead and family is distant so there are no lanterns to light the way or offer a word of support through the rough, solitary times. I've found so much solid information on "all that ails us" but also the incredible joys of rediscovering selves that had vanished somewhere in youth with increased responsibilities and emerge again when families - and even grandchildren - are raised.

I thank you all out there, too many to name or link to (I'd be sure to forget someone!)

Write on. Read on.

Me, I'm so grateful I'm in the age of the internet. The era of communication across the planet. I have blog friends in so many countries.

Thank you.



  1. Don't they go by in the blink of an eye...Happy 10th and here's wishin' for another 10 of ups, downs, and all arounds. Love your writing, never stop till ya drop :D LOL

  2. Your blog has certainly been a welcome and satisfying addition to those that I read. I never pass on by when I see that you have updated; I go immediately to read, as if I know you well. That's a side effect of really good writing, don't you think?

  3. Your blog is among my favorites. I think we'd get along like a house afire if we knew each other in person. I love being around people with the gift of the gab.

  4. Congrats on the 10 year blogiversary! :)

    I found your blog in April and I have been enjoying it since then. :)

  5. Bouquets dear WWW and long may you blog.



  6. Happy 10-Year Anniversary! I feel lucky that I followed your link over to your blog when you made an interesting comment on some else's.

  7. I'm so impressed -- ten years show a lot of commitment, persistence, and success! As you say, write on, read on.

  8. Ten years and still going strong - brilliant! Yes, blogging is so rewarding, isn't it? Emotional support, advice, witty comments, shared experiences, constructive criticism, insights into other people's lives - it all enriches my life in a way that other exchanges often don't. And it's extraordinary how much we know about each other even though we've never met in person! Hopefully one day we'll do just that.

  9. I noticed in your first ever post a reference to "trigger happy coppers". Plenty of those still around unfortunately!

  10. Congratulations on ten years! I always enjoy reading your blog - it makes me laugh, cry and think. Thank you for inviting us to journey with you over the last decade :-)

  11. Congratulations. You are an inspiration. So, keep inspiring other oldies like me.

  12. Congratulations, it's quite a milestone. I'm sure there have been times when you felt or thought "What the hell am I doing this for?" But yet, luckily for us, you continue to write thoughtful and inspiring posts. And in doing so, help make this world a smaller, happier place.

  13. 10 years - that's great! I like reading your posts because I feel like I'm having a cuppa with you in your kitchen. I also particularly like how you write cuz you say when you're feeling shitty - you don't just hit us with a positivity racket. Like that a lot. keep on keepin on my deario.

  14. Thank you all, my old duckies (as we say here!) - thanks for not letting me piss into the Great Void!


  15. I congratulate you too Wise! Its a good blog you do.


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