Tuesday, August 04, 2015

In praise of the ordinary.

All under this very same moon some are going through rough times right now. I think of them as I do my day to day routines. I hang clothes on the line. I have a long term PG* staying at the Tigeen. I cook breakfast for him every morning. We talk. For hours it seems.

I list my two spare bedrooms for rent. I rewrite draft 8 of a short story I am submitting to a local competition. I pay bills. I knit a bit. I read. I nap. I drive to get the mail. Friends drop off produce from their garden. I plan a curry for tomorrow night. I talk to Daughter who invites me for a lunch of shark meat. I email my hospitalized friend a few times during the day. She is writing a story too. I cry reading a few blogs. I laugh reading a few more.

I pick some beach blossoms and vase them. I frolic with the dog on the meadow. I breathe in the smell of the sheets and duvet covers fresh off the clothesline and think of my granny who dried hers on top of the hawthorn at the side of her field. Oh - that scent of all that is good and simple.

I think: ain't life grand. Look at that moon! Oh, the golden light of it reflected in the water!

Thank you, grandmother moon. Thank you for this extraordinary, ordinary life.

*Paying guest


  1. What would we do without such routines to take most of the time that we are awake?

  2. I love to hang clothes on the line. The smell is wonderful when you lay your head on the pillow before slumber. I've never been to your country but visited Prince Edward Island and fell in love. Want to go back, again, soon.

  3. You live a lovely life, despite your health concerns. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I know you made a conscious choice to relish the details of that day, choosing the bright accents that would lighten the dark background. I hope your endeavor to find new renters works out well for you.

  5. A day just doing the simple, routine things can be surprisingly uplifting.

    Draft 8 of your short story? It should be very polished by now! I must say I read a lot of short stories which look like they're draft one and could do with some serious rewriting.

  6. A beautiful post Wise! Thanks.
    Your day sounds rather like most of mine. I read, write, walk, paint and post - so says the green painters tape stuck across the front of what I call my BigMac computer. Old age is good as long as we have a few bucks.


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