Wednesday, August 26, 2015


I've got a weird brain, it shoots off in strange directions sometimes. And I so enjoying mulling.

Like: I have a PG staying with me for 8 days. Let's call him Larry.

Larry has removed himself from his home in Las Vegas, Nevada to spend a year in Canada due to U.S. Tax laws which will assess him at a far lower tax rate if he hasn't lived in the US for 330 days. So he's travelling the length and breadth of Canada in a fancy car he drove up from LV. And I imagine he likes the non-sterile environments of regular people's homes to stay in through the web-based service where I and many others are registered to rent out rooms for a fee.

The thing is that Larry's fortune has all been made on gambling.

Mull: aren't these millions infected? In some way their foundation is based on other people's pain, desperation, addiction and possible bankruptcies, isn't it?

Does the misfortune of others cling to this money?

Mull: what money is clean? We don't really know if it's clean, do we? Do hardship and sorrow cling to the bills I throw in my wallet?

I remember a spiritual guide once telling me we have to be careful as to the karma each piece of earthly treasure holds as it can steal our very health and wellbeing.

"Keep your good money separate," she advised, "Pass on this goodness to others."


  1. I like the comment about Karma.
    Gambling this one would not be comfortable doing.
    I did gamble building some homes and moving on
    love to create in years past, always recovered what I put into them
    except city home before building this cottage.
    A recession had arrived.
    So happy I am where I am :)

    1. It has always hurt my brain thinking about "bad" money, vs "good" money. Can we make bad money, good money? Is it unfair of me to make a capital gain on sale of property? And contribute to inflation, etc?
      Yes, I too am happy where I am Ernestine.

  2. The simple fact of someone making a fortune by exploiting other people is what I object to. Whether they make the fortune from gambling or fancy lampshades or artisan bread seems quite secondary. I don't know how people can justify building up a huge hoard of money, spending it entirely on their own pleasure, and not giving it back to the community in some way.

    1. I think it an addiction Nick like any other. I remember asking one extraordinarily wealthy man one time :When will you have enough? And he couldn't answer me.
      Gambling gains I view as particularly tainted. Especially to the level Larry's got.


  3. I have two friends who are registered as professional gamblers and who pay income tax on the income they derive from their profession. And they have no other sources of income. I would however think it very odd if to avoid legitimate taxation they disappeared for a year to a neighbouring country for a year or so.


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