Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I'm finding this whole obsession by the media (and I would assume its slavering followers) with the baby bumps of celebrities totally, well, weird. Bump as fashion accessory. Comparisons of the sizes of bumps. Speculation on multiple births.

This picture of Nicole Kidman spotted today sums everything up quite nicely for me. The three month bump, the transparency of the clothing, the little girl look on the 40-year-old plasticized face. Now is it me, or is this the most godawful trainwreck of maternity clobber the world has ever seen?


  1. I agree, the dress is a hideous mess. And why are celebs' baby bumps such a media obsession? I would say the usual reasons - more readers, more money. The journos themselves are probably bored sick with it all. Of course the 'hideous' fatness of most pregnant celebs is a selling point as well. But a mother as thin as NK must surely be risking her baby's health. And that's quite enough celeb talk for today....

  2. That picture is positively awful.

    I have to admit being very thin all my life. I was a size ‘0’ long before it was invented! This time thirty years ago I was six months pregnant and you would have needed a magnifying glass to find the bump! None of this was intentional; it was the way I was made. Everyone including the Medics thought I had my dates wrong, I didn’t! I did not like my skinny arms and body and covered them as much as possible. My baby arrived easily at the right time and is a bundle of energy and health.

  3. Nick:
    There is something particularly creepy about this obsession though, isn't there. And judging from the smug pic of NK the media are having full co-operation from their targets.
    Lucky you to be naturally thin!! People who are usually eat very well and I have no doubt that you did and do. I have a lot of sympathy for the "stars" who restrict their food intake. But am appalled at their decisions to still curtail during pregnancy and then have the baby surgically removed a month or two early so they don't have stretch marks.


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