Thursday, February 21, 2008

But of Course!

At times, I need my "Bizarro" posts so I can take a breather from the political shenaningans I see around me. More than shenaningans, for as I mentioned in a previous post the result of the U.S. election affects everyone on this tiny planet of ours.

I had speculated on the "disappearance" of Karl Rove with more than a little suspicion. The great election fixer had quietly retired? I didn't buy that for a second.

One of those ah-ha moments today when he surfaced as the new mastermind behind the Obama campaign. Yes you read correctly, the Obama compaign. He recognized very early in the game that Hillary Clinton had to be stopped at all costs and how to do that? Genius Rove, more commonly known as "Bush's Brain" came up with a brilliant strategy.

Find a charismatic orator, with minimal political experience and set him up against Hillary with the full support of the sycophantic media of course. Create a cult. Trash Bill Clinton again at every opportunity, painting him a racist. Then, the stroke of genius, have registered Republicans switch allegiance in the primaries to the Democrats and vote for Obama.

Obama wins primaries. Obama gets torn down completely (remember swiftboating) in the race against McCain. McCain wins.

Mission accomplished. Third Election engineered and won by the Master Rove.

See here
And Time Magazine's article here
and New York Times article here

I'm sure hoping I'm crazy, but I found myself nodding today when I had my eureka moment. P.T. Barnum was so right. Never underestimate the stupidity of the American people.


  1. Thanks for your visit to mine, WWW.
    I've been catching uop on some of your recent posts and just wanted to say I'm with you 100% about the way the Obama/Clinton situation has progressed.

    I've felt for a few weeks that something is going on beneath the surface. I read HuffingtonPost and Common Dreams regularly. I used to enjoy most articles and the comments. Recently both have turned very sour due to the aggressively anti-Clinton posts, and peculiar, almost unnatural adoration of Obama....who is after all just another politician.

    I've been suspecting that perhaps the Obama campaign was paying supporters or at least encouraging them to do this type of thing to aid his campaign. The comments are just too intense and too voluminous to be "real".

    Sure, there are a few pro-Clinton people trying to put their points, but they are rountinely shouted down in short order. The pro-Obama people seem for the most part to be immature, but even well-known writers and journalists are infected now, along with the corporate media, and liberal blogs.

    Your theory about Rove's hand behind it all is more sinister and much more worrying.

    All we can do is watch and wait.

  2. Thanks Twilight, this whole election sniffs of the surreal. And the hatred of Hillary reminds me of a form of voodoo. And I've had to stop reading Consortium News (previously so admired Robert Parry), The Rant (Tom Degan) who literally horrified me when he said that Hillary would sell Chelsea on the corner of a street for $5.00. It is beyond the rational and logical this venom. No one is evaluating her track record and magnificent pro-bono work.

  3. i read Postman's Amusing Ourselves to Death (1985) a few years ago and it's title alone is sadly still so apt for our times...his material on 18th century political discourse is particularly enlightening...

    Can we imagine any politician of today - anywhere - holding 2-5 hour long political debates? Eighteenth century politicians did this sort of thing repeatedly throughout America...these public debates were held in public venues with all citizens welcome. Men and women came even though women didn't was their 'entertainment' (sitting and listening to a debate for hours)!

    Politicians reflect their people and we've become a downright lazy lot....citizens are no longer willing to listen 2-5 hours to anything that doesn't involve special effects or good music...especially if the activity involves any sort of active listening requirement...and then there are the visuals to think about...sigh....

  4. Orla: welcome!
    Well we do have those show-piece CNN infotainment debate pieces (see last night!) where everything is puppeteered to the degree that real political discourse is an ephemera. Not worth even a superficial perusal.
    I totally agree we are all in the sway of the flashy ten second sound byte.
    Loved the pic of the Shirted Bush, BTW!

  5. I'm having problems linking Rove to Obama's campaign. Unfortunately, your first link is not functional, and the other two make no mention of Rove. If what you say is correct, and Karl Rove is involved in Obama's campaign, the fall-out could be phenomenal. General opinion is that the Republicans prefer a Clinton nomination, as she would be more easily defeated by McCain, than Obama. What you are suggesting would turn that thinking on its head. There is a dirth of Obama/Rove links on the internet, though I found THIS ONE from early December, 2007. With so long still to go before the presidential election, much can happen. If Obama can win Texas and Ohio, then I see him as the new president - assuming he survives (literally) till January 2009. If Clinton takes either, then I believe McCain is the favorite. Sadly, either way, it will likely make little difference to the lives of ordinary people.

  6. I hear you, RJA. I fixed the link above, don't know why it went "off" like it did. Here it is in the body here too, just in case:

    In the Time article the ratio of Repbulicans in the crowd gives one pause, I would think.

    And Exelon is linked hugely to Karl Rove and Bush and is the biggest supporter of Obama.

    Here is another link to NYT:

    that spells it out a little better.

    I'm hoping I'm barking at the moon but I can't deny the strong sense of a Karl Rove hand all over this Democratic race.

    thanks for you link also.


  7. Thank you for the working link. I've perused this idea at some length, but so far as I am able to judge, the concept of Rove as some sort of Machiavelli hovering in the background manipulating Obama's campaign, stems solely from the overly-biased brain patterns of Rosemary Regello - the feminist editor of City Edition, who is obsessed with the notion of Clinton becoming president. Neither Times article mentioned any connection to Rove, and I can find no authoritative writing on the internet to support Regello's theories.
    As to the cross-voting of Republicans, it is true that many from the center are disenchanted with the politics of Bush & Co, and it's not inconceivable they could be swayed by someone with Obama's charisma.
    I would expect more than just Regello's input on this if she were even remotely near the truth. The internet is excellent at dragging such matters to the surface.
    We will have to wait and see. If Obama gets the nomination, it will be interesting to see just how much of his previous "manure" is thrown at the fan, and how effective it is.
    Personally, I still consider Rove would oust Obama if possible, seeing Clinton as the easier adversary. I guess time will tell. I, too, hope you're 'barking at the moon' ;-)

  8. Thanks for the thoroughness of your research on this, RJA.
    All of this massive negativity poured on the Clinton campaign still bears a whiff of some other force to me. The media poodles often grasping at the slimmest of straws to start the fan spinning.
    All will unfold as it should, it will be intriguing to watch...

  9. I think Rove is busy doing what he does best - working behind the scenes to fulfill Cheney's dreams of the perfect police state.

    As far as Clinton goes, who would have ever thought the most hated couple in the US would start looking electable. Bush was soooo bad that we have national amnesia and a Clinton starts looking good.

  10. Welcome, NE!
    Yes the poodle press have done an absolutely stunning job on trashing all things Clinton and have said hardly a word about what Bush with the blood of well over a million and counting on his hands. Not to mention the economy and the constitution vapourized.


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