Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Super Model!

My blog buddy, Twilight, has a great post today on ageism. I find that many of my blog buddies are in sync with whatever marble is rolling around in my head. I’d been contemplating a marvellous and positive represention on this topic myself, you see.

Daphne Selfe is 80 years old and a leading model earning £1,000 per day on the catwalk (get a look at those heels, folks!!).

She is in her 60th year in the business.

She says her career was born again 11 years ago when she decided to embrace her aging and decided “her white hair was her fortune.”

She has also appeared in commercials for Nivea and Olay.

Isn't it great to know that not everyone is obsessed with youth and youthful images!


  1. Sixty years in the business? And £1,000 a day? Amazing. And good for her believing that looking older shouldn't be an obstacle. Away with all these identikit teenage thinnies!

  2. Good for Daphne Selfe. She totally disproves Joan Collin's contention that the problem with beauty is that it's like being born rich and getting poorer.

  3. Wow! The heels! I'd have struggled with those in my twenties. Daphne is a wonderful example to us all, heels apart!

    Thanks for finding her, WWW!

    I've occasionally seen an older woman modelling in clothing catalogues, but there are far too few of them. Things may change as the Pluto in Leo generation hit their senior years (they are also known as Boomers). They are unlikely to accept being ignored meekly, as some past generations have done.

    Thanks for the link, WWW. :-)

  4. Wow, she's impressive! What a lady!

  5. Emmylou Harris' grey hair is among the most beautiful I have ever seen!

  6. i guess..... but she still looks pretty youthful to me.

  7. Gorgeous! Love it! I started letting my hair go gray when I quit my cube job 3 years ago (4 years ago? I can't remember) and could no longer afford to have it colored. Now people comment on my silver color and ask if I have it colored. Cool!


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