Monday, March 16, 2009


This should be a required course for everyone on the planet, my favourite is Jane Goodall who says, and I paraphrase:

Every major decision should be as the aboriginals used to decide. It should be made in the light of how it will effect the seventh generation from now.

I would add my own personal mantra: Respect. And that means my rights end exactly where yours begin.

And oh what a magical world 'twould be if every politician, banker, CEO, CFO on down to the child in the playground had to follow all these principles.


  1. Thank you for your comment over at mine. some people are too hard on themselves, some people are not hard enough.

    Respect is fundamental. Our self respect is shown by how we treat others. Dignity and reflection are also important, and so at odds with such a fast paced world.

  2. What a lovely video, WWW! Some of my favourite people are there.

    My best three word mantra, and it comes from the Teacher whose words have been mangled, misunderstood, and much abused is:

    "Love one another" - do that and all the rest follows automatically. :-)

  3. Great video. Today it was Jane Goodall's bit that had real relevance for me. Last night I learned that I am to be a great grandmother for the first time in September! This is my first announcement on the web, but there will be more!

    I also really liked what Chuck Close said. I am seldom inspired. I just try to get started.

  4. @Hull:
    I so agree, respect is fundamental to how we treat others and how others treat us.
    Sometimes it is difficult to love but 'respect' is something we can all do.
    So say we all ;^)
    Congratulations, how absolutely splendiforously fantamagorsmic!!!!
    Grandchildren are a gift but a GGchild is an incredible bonus!!


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