Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Red Brick Wall

I'm one of those people. I never run out of stuff to talk about or to write about or to read about. The inside of my skull has been a very busy place since I was toddling around. I can never remember a time I've been bored. I would look forward to being banished to my room when I was growing up. Delighted in fact. Books, writing, drawing, gazing out the window at the neighbours, watching the birds or the neighbourhood kids or what the missus next door was doing to her clothesline or her roses. Without interruption or correction.

And here I am stuck for a column for the newspaper that is due in a day. I'm at the point where I'm refusing to think about it; as the brick wall, which began building itself a day or so ago, is rising brick by brick the more I ponder this dilemma. I can even visualize this wall. Red bricks, white mortar. Very plain. I'd prefer if it was a dry stone wall of the Irish countryside, but I gather one can't be choosy in such matters. So it's very Canadian - red clay bricks and pristine white mortar and I'd love a bit of ivy planted at the base to give it a bit of interest but that's not allowed either. Even some nice cast iron railings at the top. But no. Just this symmetrical red brick monstrosity getting bigger and bigger and more boring each time my brain jumps to the column.

So, I share it. In the hope the muse strikes soon. It always does.


  1. Oh, dear.....been there, seen it, done it, got the T-shirt - as the saying goes.

    You're right, though, the muse will strike soon. Personally, I find deadlines the worst of inspiration-killers.

  2. RJA:
    I also blame by procrastination, I had ample time but chose to get involved in other 'stuff'.

  3. No stone walls, ivy or iron railings? That sounds rather draconian. Why such strict regulations?

    You're lucky having such a seething and fertile brain. Mine tends to be a bit sluggish, sometimes I'm buzzing with ideas, sometimes my mind's completely blank. I'm sure your muse will strike before long.

  4. sending you a virtual sledge hammer, hope you can demolish this thing

  5. Writing on demand is definitely something I have trouble with. I'm sure you've already solved the problem by now, but it you haven't, use the wall. Write about walls, the ones you've admired and the ones you've had to climb, the ones that kept you in, the ones that kept you out. The read ones, the ones, like now, just in your mind.

  6. It's going to be a quickly passing interlude in your case, WWW - in fact you almost wrote a column there - about not having a column. That's talent!

    I'm in a doldrums phase myself today too - must be something in the air.

  7. Oh, I am so with you.
    When I discover I am bored, it's such a surprise that I write it
    on the calendar.
    In the mist of staring a brick walls I too find myself counting, or seeing patterns.
    Fun reading.

  8. Hope the mist clears real soon and the words flow.

  9. You could write about the unadorned walls that are around some people's minds. I'm sure you've met your share of them.

  10. Hope the mist clears real soon and the words flow.

    This time I hope to add the correct URL

  11. Well, is there a clothesline near you? Or a woman cutting roses? Or a man tinkering with his car? Or a brick wall?

    Or how about blogging pals who come up with nothing useful at all?

    Do say what you finally wrote about, won't you.

  12. Do you have to write about a specific thing, such as travel or current events or politics? If not, you could always write about the interesting things you did instead of writing your column...

  13. Hi
    A first time visitor, (I found a wise comment of yours over at Friko's place and had to take a peek). If it's any good the list of ideas I have in my notebook waiting for a shot in the arm or a kick up the backside are:
    . Trying to read in aforeign language.
    . Taking a short walk when the oportunity arises.
    . Choosing which fruit tart to have with my coffee this morning
    . How jotting things in anotebook started a conversation in the cafe with an elderly woman about how to remember things.
    . Watching a couple haggling at the fruit stall in the market.
    . The crazy way the bus driver drove, why was he like that?

    OK, this is only something from the everyday world of a Central European Tramp and it may be not be world politics or dramatic dynamite but it may trigger something. Have a good day.

  14. Nick:
    Well it did and I am glad!
    Thank you, it really really helped!
    What a great idea for a future column!
    In the stars perhaps?
    My kindred spirit!
    Where on earth is the URL you offer?
    too boring, alas!
    All in good time, it sorts its way through, right?
    Good idea but it did work out in the end!
    Friko has the most amazing friends, thank you for all the suggestions there is meat and potatoes in our daily lives when we open our eyes and really look!


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