Thursday, September 08, 2011

Cartoon of the Week

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This was sent to me today and it seemed oddly apt to yesterday's post.


  1. That's pretty sad when you stop to think about it. It seemed like everything used to be more fun filled. Luckily, I'm not quite in that bad a shape yet, but not far away from it either.

  2. Well, I think most people have plenty of face-to-face contact as well as watching the little screen. And there must be a lot of people who now enjoy rewarding cyberspace friendships rather than sitting in their kitchen feeling lonely and sorry for themselves, as they might have done in the pre-computer age.

  3. It is a bit depressing the way screens are taking over.

    Hope your friend is doing well. Strange she should have exactly the same thing as you!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  4. Clever cartoon, WWW! Maybe, if not much changes, we'll eventually evolve to a physical state, and shape, compatible with just sitting alone, staring - occasionally using our fingers.

  5. Waaay too true.

    How's your friend doing?

  6. Veep:
    She was released after the surgery (keyhole)but in a lot of pain from the gas used. I hope to see her tomorrow.
    Thanks for asking!

  7. Glad your friend is doing well.

    Interesting how change today has brought us a lot of "sameness."

    Dog on earlier post reminds me of my main dog love of a Stock Collie who was truly mine so many long years ago.

    Also on earlier post, re Nina Simone -- I, too, have never been able to find a recording of her singing about Baltimore. I had it on an 8 track tape -- so haunting and think I recall reading it was a tribute to the city from her.

    Also have searched high and low for Nat King Cole's "Sea Breeze" I heard on an old 78.

  8. The NY Times uses a new term: "desk potatoes".


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