Sunday, September 04, 2011


I tried so hard to get a closeup of this pretty and unusual flower but Ansa kept butting in. OK then.

Dateline: Toronto

I must be wrecked. I am not used to this heat and noise anymore and to land into a heatwave and overhead plane practices for a Labour Day airshow along with all the usual city noises of screaming ambulances, firetrucks and police car sirens batters my psyche intensely until I assimilate once again. And after 2 days, this has not happened yet.

Planning the social (and work) calendar is something else again - fitting the old friends in for catchup time. Daughter says I can use her house as a base and entertain here if I want.

I am hoping the weather will cool down. I can't imagine what the 50C+ weather conditions were here in the height of summer. Now it is over 30C (humidity factor is always calculated into these figures) and it sucks the air out of my lungs. Wuss=me.

Meanwhile I am basking in the air conditioning and barely stick my head outdoors.


  1. Glad you landed safely. Give the body time and then enjoy the reunions!

  2. It's good to see such a nice close up of Ansa. She's such a good looking dog.

    I hope the onslaught of the city isn't too bad for you. Have fun visiting with old friends. I'm sure it will do you good.

  3. 50C+ in Canada? That is news to me. Is it normal? We don't get it here at all! 40+ a couple of days, and some parts of India go to 44 on some days, but more than that, is beyond my experience/knowledge. I always thought that Canada was cold all the year round.

  4. Thanks GM - transition takes a bit of time!
    Ansa woofs you. Yes, I've missed my friends it will be great to catch up!
    Yes that was it with the humidex in midsummer, unbearable. I believe the humidity is not so bad in India? And cold Canada is the image most people carry...

  5. My sympathies, WWW, from a summer-long sufferer of three digit F. temps. in Oklahoma. This morning was the coolest, early on, that it has been since May. But we're a still in for another month of 90s and drought. Stir crazy now - that's me.

    Ansa looks gorgeous - flower's not bad too. ;-)

  6. Oh, I do feel sorry for you. I hate hot weather and I really hate air conditioning. I hope it cools down soon.

    Gorgeous photo of a lovely dog.

  7. T:
    It is cooled down now considerably. it must be hades in Oke. What a difficult summer for you all!
    Yes hot weather and I don't agree at all. My brain shuts down. Ansa sends a woof.

  8. I'm only 2 hours away in Collingwood. Its beautiful here. C'mon over if you have time and feel like it. I have lots of room. Do go to the new AGO in Toronto if you can. Bettybishop at me dot com

  9. Sorry you're suffering. It'll soon be autumn.

    Is that an orange hawkweed next to the dog?
    The fox 'n' cub one?

    I'm not sure, i'd have to see it more closely.

  10. Oh, I've been there. But in a city that's not built for the heat it must be awful. I'm acclimated to heat, living in Hawaii, but it never goes above the mid 80's here and is always cool in the early a.m. and evening.
    I accidentally came up with a remedy for the noise. My husband bought a pair of those Sony ear mufflers that he uses when he uses noisy yard equipment. I always wear them on the plane now. They cut out virtually all the noise. I had no idea how much the noise was irritating me. I use them at home, sometimes, too when I want things to be quieter.

  11. Lovely dog.
    Toronto sounds an odd place. Oppressive in the heat. Underground in the long winter.
    I enjoyed visiting the city briefly many years ago, but it does not sound very hospitable climate-wise. I must have got it on a good day.

  12. Betty:
    I will give that some thought and see how my time is, thank you so much!
    I'm not very good with irregular flowers but the colours in this one caught my eye. Yes, autumn has hit!
    Good idea, I've been earplugging my Ipod which I normally don't do and that helps.
    I've always loved TO but the humidity of the summer has always disagreed with me. It is a wonderful, vibrant city.


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