Thursday, September 08, 2011

Changing Times

A dear friend whom I was meeting for dinner tonight (I know endless rounds of delightful dinners out with friends seems like a permanent lifestyle for me at the mo)texted me to say she had severe pains in her abdomen and was taking herself off to the hospital.

Whoa, nelly, what? I text her back. Where are you? What hospital? Silence. I leave messages at her home, on her blackberry, on her office line. Silence. One of my messages I say: Yeah, I've been there with severe abdominal cramps, mine was a ruptured appendix followed by peritonitis.

She finally texts from a Women's College Hospital ambulance, they are taking her directly to Toronto Hospital for emergency surgery. We continue texting. She is outside the operating room, saying it is pointless for me to be there, they have diagnosed her with a perforated appendix (I know, I know, I should be a diagnostician)and are taking her in for the surgery immediately.

All digits are crossed for her. I am so glad she had the sense to take herself off to the hospital once the pain hit and that she is now in good hands. I won't relax though until I know she is OK and I hope to see her tomorrow.

I find it extraordinary that in a few short years so much has changed in how we communicate and how instantaneous and immediate it all is.


  1. Hope your friend makes a good recovery.

    I'm not a luddite still I find with the technology now that one can be too much in touch.That said we do keep a cellphone for travelling.

  2. GFB:
    I was truly grateful modern tech allowed this communication last night!!
    As to those people wired to their crackberries, I never want to be like that!

  3. I wonder if it didn't cause a lot of stress? She might have called you after the fact and told you all was well. There was nothing you actually were able to do for her, after all. She took care of it all by herself.

  4. I kind of got carried away in your previous blog about chatting and texting and omitted my best wishes to both your friends, the one in the ambulance and the one who will dance again soon.

  5. I am playing a very late catch-up. Thankfully I 'listened' to my body and am ready to dip my toes back into blog reading.


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