Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Shabby Shopping

Well, that's what I call it. Scrounging through second hand stores and charity shops for all sorts of goodies, including books and movies. I've no time for malls or big box or brandname fancy chains. But show me a Goodwill or a Sally Anne or a Value Village and I'm just about over the moon.

Almost an addiction for me. And my family too. And my friends.

I have a rule though:. If I haul in I have to haul out (donate). So far it works. I'd been looking for an apple picture to hang beside my apples (I'm a bit of an oddball that way, hanging like with like) and found one in the Sally Anne on half price day for $1.50. No tax either. I rather like it. Thing is if you get fed up with a shabby shopping item you just throw it in the charity bag and replace it for another $1 or $2.

And if you're wondering about the tigeen (an teachin - the little house), I had to use the internet up there yesterday and I felt I was flying above the trees. Seriously.



  1. For shabby shopping that apple looks quite fresh and looks very much at home on your wall.

  2. I like the apple a lot. And I would love the cabin with its water view.

  3. The wife and I have the same rule due to our limited space.The local Sally Anne usually gets our donation.

  4. Me - and Himself too! We haunt junk/antique stores, Goodwill and any other charity shops we encounter on our travels, and nearer to home. And we regularly have a purge at home to donate, swap-shop wise. Best kind of re-cycling there is, in my opinion. :-)

    Love the apple! Love the view from your "eyrie"!

  5. is even better :)

    I love the apple.

    Funny, a new online-turned-offline friend I met yesterday for the first time is an apple aficianado and hosted a tasting this past weekend here in Toronto at Spadina House - so while you were buying the painting I was munching down on a Pink Pearl apple courtesy of her :)

  6. That does bring me in the mood for eating apples. My dog is a real apple aficionado. I should buy a bag for him once a week. He finds apples in the street and brings them home to eat.

    Have a lovely day.

  7. I agree, it feels much better to use a charity shop than one of the hyped-up, in-your-face chain stores.

  8. The apple looks well; its colours fit the surroundings well. Good find!

    I share your appreciation of charity shops, especially for books and clothes. And they're always happy to accept the assorted bits and bobs I bring their way.


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