Monday, November 07, 2011

It Could be Nothing, Then Again...?

I thought I was quite beyond frissons of literary excitement until I was suddenly confronted with an invitation to a gala at a gorgeous centre in St. John's.

I'm not obviously.

Beyond literary dreams.

Thoughts gallop around like a so many wild horses inside my head.

Thoughts like these:

Sure isn't every citizen of Newfoundland and Labrador invited?

But they wouldn't all fit.

Why do they want me to RSVP then if everyone is invited?

Am I on the shortlist for a prize?

Don't be stupid. It's only the young ones getting the prizes these days.

Your genre has no appeal except to the auld wans, right?

It's all graphic this and graphic that these days.

Maybe it's just everyone who entered.

Mein Gott, I wouldn't mind an honourable mention.

You're just being silly.

It's a courtesy thing - they've published you, don't forget.

Maybe it's because of the play?

Would all black look good on me?

Will I look odd if I'm not in the commonly accepted mating pattern at such events?

Would you stop making such a big deal out of this?


Sometimes I bore myself stupid.


  1. The important thing is to go and have a BLAST. How many times do we get invited to such festivities in this lifetime? Me - none. So, the anticipation of the celebration is half the fun. Anticipate tell that little voice on your left shoulder to shut up and enjoy the ride! :-)

  2. I second ViewPoint. You would look good in black by the way. Add just a dash of color.

  3. I am doing a happy dance for you right now.

    I've always preferred blue on you, btw. Make it a unique blue. And solid.

    Back to happy dance.

    Bring a mate that will take pictures. I demand it.


    (back to happy dance)

  4. Get up.
    Dress up
    Show up and
    Have a ball!

    Sure if nothing else... You will come home with loads of blog fodder..... or even a book to write! After that everything will be a bonus. Enjoy!

  5. Just natural to have those thoughts. Just go and have a grand time and get amused at the others following the mating pattern.

  6. OOOOooh! Won't it be luverly WWW!
    We'll need photographs - have you a pocket in your LBD for a small camera?


    We look forward to the full report.

  7. The envelope please .....The winner is......

  8. I know the feeling. Endless pointless speculation. Just throw something on and enjoy yourself, I say.

  9. I think it's great that you are so ambitious and hopeful. And that is a beautiful space in the photo.

  10. when do you go? have fun! don't worry!

  11. Oh ye're all so very good to me!

    Thanks, pals!


  12. Not boring me! I'm dying to find out what happens!

  13. Believe it or not WWW, I got the same invite. While I did not get short listed (see Weekend Telegram), I did manage to make the cut for the top 20 or so, and I'll be published (at least that's what I'm lead to believe). And that, for a die-hard science guy without a creative bone in his body - I teach math for Christ's sake - is prize enough for me.

    See you at the gala! I’ll be the grey-haired, guy cowering in the back next to his wife - who’s just as shocked as I am :)


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