Saturday, March 24, 2012

Aging - A Story From Where It's At and What I'm Missing.

Multi-tasking ability from 10 down to 2 and maybe an extra half on a good day.
Speedy onsets of Da Tireds.
No more caffeine after 6.00pm.
Panic when the car acts up in dark places. At night. Without cellphone coverage.
A fresh version of obsessive compulsiveness kicks in when something small goes wrong or something doesn't get done.
Word hunting.
Noun hunting.
Masses of hair on head eliminated need of hat. Knitted another hat to add variety to this new collection of daily wear.
Slow, gentle, soft days now whipping by at warp speed.
Taking sense of balance for granted.
Tight jeans.
High heels.
and oh, what happened to:
Derring Do
Devil Make Hare (Heir, Hair)?


  1. As Barbra sang so beautifully,

    Light the corners of my mind
    Misty watercolor memories
    Of the way we were
    Scattered pictures
    Of the smiles we left behind
    Smiles we gave to one another
    For the way we were"

  2. Indeed, taking sense of balance for granted. Taking all our faculties for granted. Until they start playing up and you realise you really aren't a twenty something any more...

  3. I think I don't take one single normal moment for granted anymore. They all seem so precious. I bless them all. Being in balance, yes. Physically as well as mentally. It does me good. A full head of hair would be nice too. I miss that. Coffee gives me bliss, but it does keep me up. That's not always a bad thing, though I don't take sleep for granted. Old age, bah!

  4. My Daddy told me years ago that old age is not for wimps.

    Its odd how the older I become the smarter he gets.

    A good sense of humour together with a good sense of the ridiculous will help to smooth out the humps and bumps on the road to the boneyard. Love the cartoon!

  5. I would hate to think that I had to hang around alone for another thirty years, so I choose to live in the moment and laugh as much as possible.

  6. Veep:
    I can't stay too trapped in the past, I need to look ahead and savour the presence. See new post!

  7. Nick:
    Yeah I need to focus more on what I have and not what's floated down the river. :)

  8. Irene:
    Yes I hear you, you've sailed upwards again. Stay where our hands are, right?

  9. GFB:
    Bette Davis said it best:
    Old age is not for sissies!
    No it isn't.

  10. GM:
    Excellent attitude ma'am. I will adopt it afresh and march forth!!

  11. It has its compensations, you know. Would you truly like to be young again, in today's world? Now, at least, we can be observers without worrying how all the crazy nonsense of today will affect us. If only it wouldn't go by quite so fast!

    PS Thank you for the lone voice of sanity on Sparrow Chat's last post. The rest had me banging my head against the computer.


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