Sunday, March 04, 2012

Cartoon of the Week


  1. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance!

  2. here is a little counter to those liberal lies .In Canada the conservative Prime Minister R.B Bennett brought in minimum wage,progressive income taxation,unemployment insurance,regulation of the maximum hours of work per week. In Britain Lord Shaftesbury,Peel and D'Israeli all conservatives enacted or fought for laws to regulate the use of child labour.That old reactionary conservative Bismarck introduced old age pensions,accident insurance,medical care and unemploy ment insurance in Germany in the 1880s along with kindergarten and universal education.There is a thought that since more liberals than conservatives use abortions the effect on politics maybe trending to more conservatism in the future.

  3. Nice. But much of that wouldn't have come to pass without the power of the people via UNIONS, never mind Liberals.

    I like Elizabeth Warren's recent remarks in a graphic too - don't know if this link will copy:

  4. Whoa everyone!

    I don't think we're talking political parties here but philosophy.

    Liberal to me would be equal rights for all, certainly unions or worker protective measures, equal taxation and prevention of tax evasion for megacorps and an ending of the tax free status for megareligion.

    I could go on for pages.


  5. Bipartisanry is something I really should blog on soon. I might use this graphic for it :)


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