Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Words for Wednesday.

This week we have images from Elephant's Child who is hosting W4W for the month of June. Please visit her to see what others are up to and perhaps be tempted to participate yourself.

She insisted she had seen it flying overhead, an odd shape, the size of one of those motorcycle sidecars but with an energy pack at the back of it and a person sitting inside with a huge helmet, just zip, zip, zipping around, calm as you please. She'd been eating her lunch by the side of the fishpond and reading her book, and had looked up when she heard a kind of a buzz and there it was. A small, well, aircraft thing with no wings. A personal jet of some kind. Like the ones you'd see in those comic books of the fifties. A future world type of contraption. Individual flying machines like in sci-fi films.

"Then it skimmed the water, it had a kind of ski underneath it, and then it hit that fish fence and sank like a stone," she repeated slowly for the young cop and the paramedic who emerged from the ambulance. She was getting tired of this recounting.

"That's when I pushed 911 on my phone," her voice trailed away as she saw the disbelieving looks the cop and the paramedics were exchanging.

"No bubbles? No wreckage to the surface? Are you sure you weren't day dreaming?" asked the cop who was looking across the water at the freshly emerged diver who was shaking his head.

She looked behind him at the sky and pointed.

"I just saw it now - look! it's shoving those clouds aside as it streaks through the air. It must have resurfaced elsewhere and taken off again!"

"OK lady," said the paramedic, "I think you'd better come with me. We're going to take you to your friend Mister Jetski."


  1. Love it. If the paramedics and the police don't believe her they will be sorry. Very sorry.
    And as PS: I hope I am never too old or jaded to stop looking for shapes and stories in the clouds.

  2. Interesting, very interesting. Makes me wonder both ways.

  3. I'd love to know what she saw and why aren't there divers searching beneath the waves?

    1. The diver is in the story, shaking his head at the cop as there was nothing to be found.


    2. That'll teach me to read when I'm half asleep (*~*)

  4. Oh for Pete's sake. Are you serious??? lol.

  5. Makes me wonder. Who is Mister Jetski? A strange but entertaining respond to the photos.

    Have a lovely day.


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