Monday, March 23, 2020

Covid-19 (Day 11 of Self-Isolation)

Sorry for the gap. A wee bit overwhelmed with the Covid-19 site and my emotions too of course. Two of my moderators stress-quit, I took a short break. It is difficult to process all the news reports every day and realize that most countries are so far behind the ball that it is enormously distressing anticipating the rising toll of deaths. Our island didn't shut down as most wanted but put people rolling in from sunnier climes (we call them "snowbirds" here) on an honest self-isolation and you can guess the rest. Strolling into grocery stores and coffee shops and hugging neighbours. Not understanding or not caring what social distancing is or quarantine for that matter. I would have incarcerated them for 14 days. Without exemption. But that's just me. Knowing enough about contagion to terrify me.

Objet du Jour - an owl full of pencils. Owls are my spirit animal and I have many, many owls gifted to me over the years.

We are now up to 24 cases on the island. People from abroad infecting mourners at funeral homes, etc. So we're not on the ball at all.

I am keeping busy with Zoom meetings and modified exercise and my doc booked a call with me today at 3.45pm. That's socialist health care, folks.

The world is changing so rapidly and I read a marvelous article today on how the whole global economy will morph and change as a result. All is not lost. As long as we take every precaution to protect ourselves and those we love.

Here is the article

How are you all doing?


  1. Thank you for sharing that article. It was right on the money (which given the topic is ironic).
    We are edging towards a shutdown here. Not before time. Sadly too many people are still refusing to distance themselves from others and panic buying is rife.
    Love your owl - they are one of my most favourite birds.
    Stay well, stay safe - and cyber non infectious hugs are flowing your way.

  2. I am trying not to obsess about it as we are now only going out for essential reasons. Half an hour of evening tv news is enough for me. I suppose I am trying to protect my mental health from the endless media coverage.

  3. One step at a time. From "working in the office next week but closed to the public" to "working from home till further notice." From "Going to town to get R.O. water" to "We can get by just fine with the water from our own tap." Taking it as it comes I guess. Chagrined by news out of Italy; shocked that so many people around the world don't have the brains to stay home. xoxox Kate

  4. I simply cannot follow these ideas. My mind seizes up, literally, and I cannot imagine anything except returning to the same old same old.

  5. That owl is wonderful - I am an owl as well.
    I could not read your article. But just as Joanne Norragon I'm fairly certain people just return to the old normal. Maybe not immediately, but over a surprisingly short time. That has happened so far after every major war, pandemic, you name it, Why should Covid19 be different?

  6. We were having major problems here with holiday cottage owners piling down to places like Cornwall and adding to the problems for an already stretched health service. The local population told them in no uncertain terms to go home. It’s no doubt one of the reasons for the government decision to order us all to stay at home.

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  8. Stay-at-homes by nature, my husband and I, 72 and 70, have been doing fine, although worried about our children and grandchildren. Some of the grandchildren and I are keeping Covid-19 journals. I have been jogging with the dog, to the best of my abilities, to replace dog park visits for her and the exercise classes I used to attend. We go early in the morning when we have the streets to ourselves, the singing birds, and the cattle who often gather by a fence to stare at my Great Pyr mix. The babies want to play with her. The mamas want to run her off. I'm learning about Canva (a graphic design site) and Hootsuite, an aggregator that lets me plan my own tweets as well as watch those of editors and agents in whom I'm interested. I've had a Zoom meeting with our girls and their families. But, there are moments of sadness, too. I called a daughter to tell her I loved her and check up on her. When she returned the call, an innocuous comment (I truly thought) led to a rehashing of everything I'd done wrong for more than ten years, starting with my approval of the ACA passage here in the U.S. I'm trying to remember that her business has stopped cold, from prospering to nothing, that her college-age daughter who was loving her first year of college is unhappy and worried, and that she's under more pressures. I had to go in for a thyroid scan yesterday and was worried about the exposure, but I wore gloves and a regular mask and all the personnel were gloved and masked, too. My temperature was assessed before I was even allowed to enter the building.

  9. So far, so good. The silence and the clear skies are simply too good not to relish. Hearing the permanent sound of insects and cicadas, cries of birds and the return in large number of butterflies in the garden is astonishing.

    Thank you for the link to the very interesting artilcle. It will be very interesting to see how economies all over the world develop post this virus.

  10. There are 77 confirmed cases and 1 death here in Hawaii. When will it end?

  11. Oh wow, lots of changes since I was here last. Glad you are taking care to self-isolate. I pretty much did that myself when we were asked to do so voluntarily, then it became an order. There were people, still are, who don't recognize the seriousness of this virus. We haven't even hit what is considered the peak yet, so don't know what other steps may have to be taken to insure our safety. Stay well and take good care of yourself.

  12. I'm doing okay so far, I thought staying home would give me more time to do things I usually skip, like cleaning the floors, but that hasn't happened. I'm sleeping more and out walking three times a day then spending too much time on the computer.

  13. People in Northern Ireland are being fairly responsible. I went for a long walk yesterday and everyone was conspicuously distancing. Not many people intent on doing their own thing regardless. But as you say, many governments are doing too little too late and allowing the infection rate to escalate.

  14. We're as well as can be expected, WWW - glad you are the same. :) SWe are still social distancing/isolating, probably for rest of our lives, I guess, apart from absolutely essential outings for medical matters. Oklahoma as of today has 248 positive COVID-19 cases and 7 deaths. We now have cases in our county so the virus is creeping up on us - evidence becoming available due to increased testing.

    I've postponed my PET scan from 31 March but confirmed an appointment with the oncologist and labs to check blood count - that'll be 3 April. I'll re-arrange the scan after discussing it with him - impossible to get him on the phone. Advice is often "call your doctor" - in our case that simply doesn't work, so I took it into my own hands. Didn't want to go out twice in a week, putting myself and Himself at risk, twice, so chose the appointment which I felt most important to do now - the scan can wait a little while longer, when more testing will have better clarified just how much of the rogue virus is now around us.

    Stay safe and well, WWW and all here.


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