Monday, March 16, 2020

Covid-19 {Day 4 of self-isolation)

Objet du jour - my ginormous button jar - some of these are Granny's, some are Mum's. They follow me everywhere.

The website I started on FB is keeping me busy - you'd be surprised at how much time monitoring takes as we aim to keep it non-political and secular. Thoughts and prayers don't cut it. Science might though, n'est pas? One guy started threatening me last night when I removed him from the site, found my email, etc. etc. Thus proving over and over again how inappropriate he was. I threatened police on him for this harassment. And as I live in a building I feel relatively safe. In a house, not so much.

I am enjoying the isolation so far. I find I have more time for music, more time for emails, a kind of much laid back approach to life.

Worry underlines everything though. I have to practice a form of mindful meditation when I go to bed as my heart is palpitating so badly. The stress of the day, I think being on social media and reading so much on this virus contributes to this. Many of my friends are still free-ranging and it worries me. They can't grasp the contagion side of this. As in they might very well be infected already and it will be the 11.5 days statistically before they display symptoms.I am sure I am viewed as a kind of crackpot for pulling away so early. I view myself as a crackpot for not pulling away sooner than that. Every little pain or discomfort in my head I go: oh here it is.

Other items:
@@Free deliveries of groceries here for seniors and disabled. Nice touch.

@@I'm sticking to my routines even more closely: healthy meals, dressing in the morning, getting up at the usual time, Tao meditation, some mild exercise and washing dishes every night.

@@Wondering if I could go outside at midnight and do a bit of walking in the fresh air. Some are doing this.

@@In touch with other self-isolators and corresponding via email as I find my android is straining my eyes and I prefer being on my desktop.

@@I have clean laundry for about a month so not worried on that score.

@@Strange new world indeed and getting stranger by the minute.


  1. Strange doesn't begin to cover the world at the moment.
    Midnight walks should be ok - and if/when I move to total isolation I will surely indulge.
    Take care, and look after your mental health too.

  2. I have been no where since last Monday, up at 5 and in bed by 8, computer, writing, reading, camera, writing some checks, washing and home health nurse made a call, b/p fine, seems to take my day. 1 hour before going to bed I color, never did I ever think I would do this, but when you engage in this you have no thought and it is calming. Continual prayers going on in my mind. Girl helper came today, brought the best lasanga from new Italian place in nearby small town, enough for 3 meals floors cleaned, mopped and took off trash. I yearn to go outside and walk, raining all day and want someone here when I go down the stairs to garage to retrieve walker. Tomorrow trip to dentist, he is in the hospital with flu but nurse will take exray and I will decide what to do. Life goes on at a slower pace, miss much but accepting.

  3. I am not self-isolating but my social life is much reduced and the hand washing much increased. I don't consider myself immune by any means, but I'm not sure I could maintain my mental health in complete isolation. I live in a university town which is fast emptying out, half our winter population is students, and I like the unexpected quiet.

  4. I'm just happy to see you updating often! -Kate

  5. Any idea how those one hole buttons were used?
    Other than that, stay safe.

  6. You should be fine outside in the air.
    I believe in the end this will change a lot of people's outlooks on how to live life. Simpler,more joyful, more aware,do what you want as much as what you have to.
    You are important. We all are.
    Life is a gift, so is living,
    our goodness,our heart
    we need to share, be giving,
    Bring us together, not apart.
    Hugs and good wishes on this wild ride called life.

  7. You're doing very well. I strongly suspect if I had to isolate myself at home, I'd sleep more and stay on the internet longer. There'd bee more time for other things, but they wouldn't get done.

  8. You sound like you're doing well. We started our self-isolation on Friday. So far, so good. But I'm afraid it's going to get old pretty fast. I'm looking around online for a course I can take ... might keep me engaged for a while.

  9. Sometimes, it helps to go to bed several times per day to rest your body, your mind, and your eyes.

  10. Find reading too much about the virus very draining. I do, however, never get bored and could spend all day puttering around. Puss and pooch keep me laughing every now and then w/ their antics. Hubby enjoys cooking and is waiting for delivery of his new p.c. Other than that, we are hunkered down at the base of our mini-mountain in Maine enjoying watching the birds at the feeders. All is so hushed - not many cars go by now and nary a school bus. A positive side to all this. Gently falling snow this morning. Peace and quiet. Hugs.

  11. As a confirmed introvert, self-isolation is my routine default mode so I'm not finding this new regime too daunting. I'm still getting out and about for shopping and exercise but I'm keeping my distance from other people. The big issue here is all the people who are advised to self-isolate but can't because they need to keep working to get enough money to make ends meet.


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