Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Covid-19 (Day 5 of self-isolation)

Objet du jour - a little stand I have beside my PC with current mail or favourite pieces, right now one is a Maud Lewis postcard created by my daughter, the other is a note from one of my favourite bloggers down in Oklahoma. The message is of peace in our world and hearts and bodies.

Much more activity on the home front now. And by home front of course I mean my home. I did finish reading a book but got very involved in on line meetings and phone calls and of course monitoring our Covid-19 website. Extraordinary how that can eat into the day. I forgot to have lunch.

I placed my first grocery order from a local merchant who is delivering. It will be dropped outside my apartment door and I will wash hands and wear rubber gloves when I move it inside. And then wash my hands again after I handle it. And then wait a while before opening it. Not sure what protocols are during deliveries for this type of service. I will not face to face with him or her.

I have to say our PM is very on top of things every day. His wife is sick with Covid-19 and he must be worried but he's out there positioning himself as far as he can from the media to keep us informed.

It looks like it's getting worse here. I sure hope not but stats don't lie.

@@ Odd thoughts - why is the history of the world mainly written by men? What have we all missed of women's stories and doings? What were their thoughts, their inventions, their courage and bravery?


  1. Good that people, others I know, think your PM is doing a good job, unlike the head in the sand buffoon to your south. But why make an exception for US citizens, which is where there could be such high risk.

    1. I agree Andrew, we are all raging about that, trade agreements must be the carrot being dangled.


  2. Echoing Andrew's comment and sadly I suspect you are right about the trade agreement inducement.
    Please look after yourself. Getting in the habit of skipping meals is not a winner.

  3. The history of the world was written mainly by men because the women were far too busy doing all the background work that keep things going, cooking, washing, going to market, having the babies. Let's not forget that way back in time, women were not allowed to learn to read and write.

  4. Children they are the inventions of women , thoughts,doings , and bravery of women. Sorry.

  5. I am sure there are women... Annie Oakley, Marie Curie,Hedy Lamarr- YES an inventor. Pocahantas.
    Authors Helen Hoover, Gladys Taber, Helen Nearing all strong women.

  6. I have been doing much the same since I went into isolation. I've been taking some free online courses, calling friends on a regular basis, group testing with family. I watch so much of the news in the morning and then put The Golden Girls on for some laughter to start my day. Life has changed, and we must be strong and change with it.

  7. Glad that you are coping as well as you have. As for men and history books, yup, it also applies to male composers and male artists. Fortunately, things have changed quite a bit since then.

  8. You're doing a sterling job keeping up with Facebook and the blog, WWW. Thank you for these updates and objets du jour....awwww! x

    I find that reading around the net in the morning, and an hour or so of TV news and comment (UGH! - But I feel I have to!) takes up an unusual lot of time. I must've become a slow reader in my old age. :)

    We'll follow your example soon and try a home delivery for groceries. I'm waiting to hear that a refill of my pain pills has been signed by the oncologist and sent to pharmacy - it's a bit like pulling teeth - three phone calls already! I suppose they are busy with more important stuff, but we have to look after our own interests - 'cos nobody else will! I shall ring again shortly to find whether anything has yet been faxed to the pharmacy. TSK! Stay safe and ultra-careful, WWW. Sending love. x

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