Thursday, September 03, 2015


The comic linked below is easily read and understood and captures the whole situation in Syria succinctly.

There are many reasons for the refugee crisis but the major one is climate change. Millions of small farms have been wiped out. I and many more have maintained for years, that the next global catastrophe and massive migrations of starving people will be over water. This is just the beginning.

See it here.

So it takes the death of one small boy to make the world sit up and take notice. And I do wonder why my small province, hungry for immigrants, can't hold out its welcoming hand to these desperate refugees. I'm sure they would contribute, at the highest level, to Canada as a whole and to Newfoundland particularly.


  1. Yes. We await our fourth near-miss hurricane of the season. We have so much freshwater here we could supply the world.
    Due to good enough governance and a decent level of prosperity, California is managing to handle the current drought, but if it goes on for two more years, they are cooked.

  2. I hear it's a year for California, I guess it depends on who's crunching the numbers. And you are really under a cloud in Hawaii, Hattie, pardon the unintentional pun. We had our very first tornado funnel the week, thankfully out over the sea, but it literally stopped everybody in their mental tracks. CC coming to an area near everybody....

  3. That link is a very helpful summary of what's happening in Syria. I was unaware that climate change and widespread loss of livelihood was such a big factor in the political unrest. Other countries will no doubt see similar climate-change linked upheavals in the years to come.

    1. I'm convinced Nick that mass MSM, under direction of their overlords, are prevented from broadcasting very much about climate change. Civil unrest and outright war would result. Did you see the news on Holland?

  4. My brother used to say many decades ago that we would be facing a huge influx of environmental refugees within our lifetime. Unfortunately, his prediction has come true. There are people in my community working to take in a couple of families. If every community would do that, maybe we could make a dent.


  6. It is going to be a very different world in the next couple of decades and I sincerely hope that I will not be around to see it. Many changes will take place as they have already begun to in climate, structure of society, values, predominant religions and so on and one common and constant factor is highly likely to be conflict.


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