Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Footering* and 2020 Book List

I can't seem to get my page section to work, the links are wonky. I'm not much into HTML, just the minimum. New Blogger has all sorts of extra steps and I can't seem to get my head around the link aspect.

So I copied and pasted my books read list from the 2020 Books Read page. I can't figure out how to get the page links working for prior years.

I would be most interested in all recommendations, both books and blogger page links.

(1)The Gathering - Anne Enright {BC} {RR} *****
(2)The Break - Katherina Vermette {G}**
(3)A Moveable Feast - Ernest Hemingway {RR} Annual read *****
(4)The Marriage Lie - Kimberley Bell***
(5)Patience and Sarah - Isabel Miller*****
(6)One for the Rock - Kevin Major {BC}**
(7)Where the Crawdads Sing - Delia Owens***
(8)The City Not Long After - Pat Murphy {DNF}
(9)A Reckoning - May Sarton*****
(10)I'll be right There - Kyun-Sook Shin*****
(11)Dear Mrs. Bird - A. J. Pearch {BC}
(12)Autobiography of a Boring Wife - Marie-Renee Lasoie*****
(13)Our House - Louise Candlish*****
(14)Frying Plaintain - Zalika Reid-Beta*****
(15)Something for Everyone - Lisa Moore DNF0
(16)Almost Feral -Gemma Hickey***
(17)Pachinko - Min Jin Lee*****
(18)The Wake - Linden MacIntyre*****
(19)May Sarton - Margot Peters*****
(20)H is for Hawk - Helen MacDonald*****
(21)Future Home of the Living God - Louise Erdrich*
(22)I Found You - Lisa Jewell****
(23)The Wrong Side of Goodbye - Michael Connolly*****
(24)The Tin Can Tree - Anne Tyler*****
(25)Stories of 1943 - Various*****
(26)The Penguin Book of Contemporary Irish Poetry - Various*****
(27)Felicity - Mary Oliver*****
(28)Department of Speculation - Jenny Offill*****
(29)Then She Was Gone - Lisa Jewell*****
(30))Fools and Mortals - Bernard Cornwell***
(31)My Dark Vanessa - Kate Elizabeth Russell*****
(32)Nocturne - Helen Humphries*****
(33)The Pull of the Stars - Emma Donoghue*****
(34)One Hit Wonder - Lisa Jewell**
(35)Wesley The Owl - Stacey O'Brien****
(36)A Good Neighbourhood - Theres Anne Fowler*****
(36)A Roll of the Bones - Trudy Morgan Cole*****
(37)Z - Theresa Anne Fowler*****
(38)The Book of Longings - Sue Monk Kidd*****
(39)Souvenir - Therese Anne Fowler***
(40)Nightingale of the North - Amy Louise Peyton**(G)
(41)Forgotten Women - Various*****(G)
(42)Territory of Light - Yuko Tsushima**
(43)How to be a Woman - Caitlin Moran ****
(44)Catch and Kill - Ronan Farrow*****
(45)Women and Children First - Michelle Landsberg****
(46)Things are Good Now - Djamila Ibrahim*****
(47)The Book of Longing - Leonard Cohen*****(G)
(48)Dancing in a Jar - Adele PoynterBC ****
(49)Long Bright River - Liz Moore***
(50)The Difference - Marina Endicot DNF
(51)A Well Behaved Woman - Therese Anne Fowler

TOTAL TO DATE: 11{BC=Book Club} {DNF = Did Not Finish} {RR} = Re-read {G} = gift}
Ratings:0(awful) *(poor)**(fair)***(good)****(very good)*****(excellent)

*Footering = my own invented word for messing about with stuff.



  1. New Blogger continues to do my head in.
    Love your list - and am very glad to see that most rate at least three stars. I haven't rated my books with that system but there have definitely been some duds this year.
    Footering is a wonderful word. I do a lot of it.

    1. I try not to read something that doesn't hook me EC, in the old days I'd persist but too old for that shyte now, I want to read to enjoy the experience.

      I hope we get a list from you at some point!


    2. The books I have read/reread are on my sidebar. Some time (when energy/inspiration coincide) I will do a post about them.

    3. EC, talk of the obvious! I will check that out!


  2. My brother in law says pewetering. His interest is pewetering out.
    I read a lot of books this year. I quit no more than a couple.

  3. That's a lot of books. I used to read two or three a week, now it's more like one every two or three weeks, I read a lot slower than I used to and of course have the internet to distract me now. I might look up the Michael Connelly one, I enjoyed several others by him.

  4. The Book Thief
    That's the Way it Always Is
    The Dutch House
    Route 66 Travel
    Atlantic Coast Travel
    Deep Run Roots
    Dear Edward
    The Girl with The Louding Voice
    Consious Cuisine
    Late Migrations
    Chasing Slow
    Everything I Never Told You
    The Empath's Survival Guide
    Atomic Habits

    Writers and Lovers
    All Adults Here
    The Gift of Forgiveness by K Schwarzennger
    The Silent Patient
    I've Been Thinking (Maria Shriver)
    Fascism (M Albright)
    I'm Still Here: Black Dignity in a World Made for Whitness
    I am Malala
    Transcendent Kingdom Yaa Ygasi
    Reaching for the Moon
    Here For It
    Too Much and Never Enough
    The Girl You Left Behind

  5. Thanks for the list. Some interesting ideas here that will go on my 2021 list ... I notice most of the books are by women authors.


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