Thursday, November 26, 2020

Mad Woman Musings.

In a world of
Constant connection
I am lonely
My mother,
My best friend,
My tribe.

And I wonder
How old
Everyone is
In heaven

If there is one.
And why?
And what do we
Look like
As we arrive?

Are our faces
Frozen forever
Into the face
We die in

Or do we
Look like we did
At sixteen
Or twenty five.

Or how do we find
The ones gone before
Without human shapes
Or is that all just magic

Like radar or blue tooth
Like ESP or ouija boards
Or crystal balls.

And who's
Keeping track of
The 113 billion
Who have already

And are religions
From each other.
And will atheists
Be surprised
Or disappoimted?


  1. That's a funny and profound poem at the same time. Thank you.

  2. Sadly true. And encapsulating some of the reasons I really don't want an after life. This life is enough for me (so I suspect that means I would come under the heading of surprised and disappointed agnostic/atheist).

    1. I was an agnostic/atheist until I was 58. I read a book that peaked my interest in christianity. I googled, Why should I believe? At that time a list of 10 reasons showed up. The evidence was indisputable. I now study the bible everyday. I found a great bible teacher on the net. But remember, you must choose wisely.

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  4. I think our spirit leaves our body and goes into the universe. I used to think, since so many billions of us have already died, souls must be recycled. One that still had something to learn would decide to return. I could seen them in sort of a line, the next one to go back down the steps. Actually, they are kids and they slide down the bannister. I still think something like that. Or nothing like that. Who knows what?
    I know that is a wonderful mad woman poem

    1. There is no need to imagine what your life after death is like. The bible tells us all we must know to make the right decision. Please don't feel you must follow the cool crowd. Be your own man. Consider for yourself the evidence. The bible is true. But it's very complex. It's for grown ups. When the student is ready to learn, the teacher will appear.

  5. Excellent questions in that poem. If I get to Heaven before you, I'll be sure to let you know the answers. Somehow.

  6. As an atheist I hope to be proved wrong and I am not a bad person so even if my beliefs are wrong, I'll get the benefit of the doubt. We will all be 25, fit, young and gorgeous and ever so optimistic about everything.
    Nice work hon.

    1. Andrew, where we live, what happens after we die is determined by what we choose to believe in this life. Believe the gospel of grace. I am 72. I was an atheist until I was 58. I know both sides. Please reconsider the evidence. Be your own man. Look at it for yourself.

  7. Yes to all this - so many questions, so few answers. Some say we'll be 33 - the age Jesus had when he died. Not a bad idea is it?

  8. Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved. Acts 4:12

  9. Excellent ponderings. God and I have been having some discussions about the hereafter Thoughts of the garden of eden come to mind and how that was perfect before the fall (of the apple or whatever fruit the serpent used to tempt eve). My conclusion: we will have work to do, communion with each other and with god, animals and plants everywhere, all of us getting along.

    1. Praise God for our blessed assurance of eternal life in heaven with Jesus. With this hope, I can face tomorrow.

  10. Hmmmmmm.....things I ponder about often. I'm especially thinking more often now because of my health situation which is iffy w/ Covid having had an impact on my treatment since the diagnosis last February, and probably outcome due to inability to have surgery now because of Covid's increase in our area. At any rate, I've had a great "run" and can't complain so am not too crazed. I did enjoy your offering this morning. Hugs.

  11. Good, thoughtful poem. I hope there is a hereafter. We won't know until we are dead.

  12. Wonderful! Thank you for sharing your thoughts, WWW. It's a worthy topic to ponder. I'm a believer but not about to force anyone to agree with me. Guess I just won't be disappointed either way and my faith has been a comfort and guiding light through life here on earth, through Covid, through loss, through happier times, etc. Take care and keep an open mind if you can. It seems you can. Kim in PA

  13. I don't speculate much on what happens when we die, I generally let other people speculate and/or believe whatever they want to. However I relate to the loneliness that you speak of at the beginning. There are definitely people I wish I could be with again, that I wish had not died. I know that some people take comfort in the idea of reunion in the afterlife, my mother certainly did, but it's not really a thing for me. Maybe when I'm older I'll change my mind...

  14. I don't really believe in an afterlife for pets or people and just let others believe what they will. This life is challenging enough and it is in the here and now what we should focus any effort to relieve suffering or make a better world. That said, do I wish there were people I could see or speak with again who have passed away? You bet. I think this writing speaks to that need in people.

  15. As an atheist, I'd be very surprised to find myself in heaven. I guess I'd be happy enough there, as long as there was plenty of ice cream and chocolate. A great poem.

  16. I hope I haven't worn out my welcome here. Every word I typed was done in love. I too was an agnostic/atheist until I was 58. I was a proud progressive. I took a closer look and found that I hadn't reviewed the evidence since I was in my 20(s). It won't hurt, none of your progressive friends have to know, but please give it a look. Don't ignore the life boat as you grasp at straws.

  17. Thank you all for your comments. I don't reply to individual comments when I post a poem as we all take away a different interpretation which is what poetry is all about.



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