Friday, October 21, 2011

Blog Jam

I'm one of those boring people that can watch a movie twenty times over a period of, oh, a long time, and still find something new in it. Mind you, it has to be a good movie.

Hence watching The Red Shoes again last week. I don't know how many times I've watched it and am still mesmerized by the ballet in the middle. And yeah, the ending is weak, but who cares. It sure puts Black Swan to shame.

One of my frustrations in living in Newfoundland is that we never get so-called art house, foreign films and good documentaries here. As in shown on the big screen. It's never the same on the little screen.

I usually go on a movie rampage when I hit Toronto, my hunger is so keen for real films in a reel (sorry) theatre.

And on another note I'm rather ticked off in that I can't seem to stay up late and have a fairly normal day of it the following day. Not at all. I was with some friends last night, great talkers - you should hear all our monologues going off at the same time, over and over - and we cracked the clock around 3.30 a.m., very normal for us. But oh today! I don't drink, neither do they, so there are no hangovers. Just this: OMG: my legs, where are they, OMG: what time did I get up, why is the sun looking sideways at me? OMG: why am I reading things twice for the meaning to penetrate. And on. Some useless day for this cranky old lady today.

But: no regrets. I so love the chat. And there are so few in my world who love it like I do.

As a result I figured I could watch a film without overly taxing the few braincells left to me so I am halfway through Mr. Roberts as I write this, another old hairy one. But what's not to like about Henry Fonda, Jack Lemmon and a demented old James Cagney chewing the glue out of the scenery?

Did I ever mention I have a breath-taking collection of old movies?


You see this obsession all started with an uncle who owned a cinema back in the day. Hooked like heroin. At the age of 6.


  1. Thank you for picking the one movie that I would love to see now after so many years. Not that I am Henry Fonda, but during my working life, I had had to deal with many Mortons and play Roberts to the subordinates and eventually, that paid off in corporate success. I had to pay a heavy price for it during the process but in the end it was worth every moment of it. It would indeed be nice to see that all over again.

  2. One of the plusses of Belfast is the Queens Film Theatre which shows all sorts of rare and obscure films. I don't get along there as much as I would like but their programmes contain riches galore.

  3. We are coming into the right time of the year for a real fire, a good old Movie and don't forget the box of dark chocolate....

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  5. This age stuff is less-than-wonderful, right? Despite my night owl tendencies, I share your feeling the day after the night before. However, awakening at about 630 this morning and realizing that I had slept through most of the night was a welcome surprise. I thoroughly enjoyed the sleep and an hour later, am contemplating breakfast, even if it's only cereal! :-)

  6. My problem is that I can't stay up late, no matter how good the conversation is. Used to be a cute guy could make me stay awake, but even that doesn't work any more.

  7. When I lived at Lough Bray house the talk usually went on around the fireplace until the wee hours. My Irish housemates amazed me with their ability to just go on and on.
    Having an uncle who owned a movie theater is an interesting setting for a story or a novel. In Ireland, even better. Cinema Paradisio!
    I just finished listening to the latest Benjamin Black, set in Dublin of the 1950's. It reminds me of the Ireland of the 1970's, Bewely's Cafe and horse wagons in the early morning and a lot of poverty. I think I visited every pub he names and worked in one of them.

  8. You have a collection of old films? Why do you have to live on the other side of the world?

    As for talking late into the night - who cares about feeling frazzled the next day, you've had a wonderful time. You'll soon catch up on sleep, but friends sitting together and chewing the fat doesn't happen every day.

  9. Ramana:
    Somehow I knew you were a Morton! I'd like you and Friko to live right next door to me please, okay?
    Stop making me jealous, please. (how many bedrooms do you have?)
    Oh you're moving next door too.
    Yes, recovery is slower. There were days, sigh, when there was absolutely none. WTH happened?
    I can't find any cute guys. Please help me out here.
    sharyn you mentioned one of my favourite films. Top 100. I loved it. Good idea about the cinema thing, I already have a short story in my head. My first kiss took place in that very same cinema!!
    Oh one of us has to move, that's it. It's ridiculous. I can stay home with while the rest of the world goes to awful farce. And you're right, I never regret chat nights.

  10. WWW, unless my memory is playing tricks, I certainly was not a Morton, and I am sure that you would not like to have a Morton for your neighbour! I flatter myself that I was Roberts! If you are willing to settle for that, I shall be more than happy to come and be your neighbour.

  11. Like my daddy told me old age ain't for wimps and when ya think of the alternative it ain't so bad either.

    Ha yes Jimmy Cagney.Bogart was right up there with him in the scenery chewing dept. as Queeg in the Caine Mutiny.

    Netflix carries foreign films but a high speed connection is needed.


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