Thursday, October 13, 2011

My Summer's Still With Me

It is extraordinary to me that I can plant all these pots of flowers in spring of each year and NEVER have to water them. The weather takes care of that. Rarely too hot and enough rain to keep these babies happy. Still in bloom today. We expect our first snow, usually, in February, which always startles people who view Newfoundland as a land still in the Ice Age. Well, no.

We have a micro-climate where I live and since I've been living here, we always have a green Christmas. Our trees are still more green than russet or rust as our spring is always later than others (May-June). Late June is when my lilac blooms for instance. So our fall is later too.

My driveway which is long and winding, was ploughed 4 times last winter. Yeah, 4 times. Not much of a winter and it was always worse in Ontario. It can get biting cold when the Nor'easter blows and being An Outport Woman I can be caught huddled around my woodstove when that happens, reading a good book and tossing bon-bons while my woodstove soup simmers away.

Ah poor me - life lived in the rough by the Outport Woman.


  1. Our autumn is very delayed this year as well. It's still unusually warm for October and many trees are still in full leaf.

  2. You sound like our neighbours in NL trying to persuade us we should stay for the winter! Here we've already had the killing frost and some snow - although we did get back to the heatwave for Thanksgiving. And last winter we had the tractor out to clear snow every second day in January and February.
    I'm very tempted but it would mean major work as there's no insulation in the cottage and we often shiver in June.
    Enjoy the flowers while they last!

  3. We still have not had a killing frost, in years past we could have one by late August. So the weather has changed. It looks beautiful to see the bright green winter rye in the garden under the orange leaves of the surrounding trees.
    We usually have snow in December through April. We cross country ski but I find myself wishing I could just hit reset and have it be May again.
    A late spring would drive me crazy. Two years ago we had spring at the proper time, April and it was wonderful.

  4. Yeah, poor you. Life sounds absolutely rough to you. It's a wonder you survive it. :o)

  5. Hmmm, all I remember of June, 2011 in St. Yawns was having the heat on almost all the time and watching little kids playing in the playground across the street with their snowsuits on. Don't wanna do that again any time soon, thank yuh very much, thank yuh very much. (a la Elvis)

  6. The first wisps of winter are just making themselves known on the U.P. of Michigan. Wild wet days, scudding clouds, quick peeps of sun drowned out by sudden heavy showers. Thank you God for inventing the wood stove!


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