Wednesday, October 05, 2011


One of my conversations, yesterday around the bay:

Ed: Did you read about that married couple who couldn't get accommodations anywhere in town?

Me: No - but rental costs are going up everywhere.

Ed: Oh, they could afford it alright.

Me: So what was the story then?

Ed: They were gay!

Me: In this day and age that kind of discrimination exists in St. John's?

Ed: Well, I'm not prejudiced at all, they could live with me, I wouldn't have a problem!

Me: (looking at Ed in a new light, never thinking him so liberal) Really Ed?

Ed: Of course they couldn't sleep in the same room in my house, I'd put them in separate bedrooms.


  1. well it would be funny , if it wasn't sad

  2. Just why do people have such a problem with gay couples? Why do they get so worked up about something so utterly harmless? Just count to ten and calm yourselves, darlings.

  3. Ed is a mean old curmudgeon. Too bad there are still people like him around.

  4. Ha! Ha! Ha!
    Close, but no cigar. Ed doesn't get any points.

  5. You too, eh?

    Prejudice and bigotry are universal.

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  7. So it was reported in local press then? Hmmmm. I wonder what spin they had put on the story.


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