Thursday, October 27, 2011

Old News

I stumbled across this postcard which was in one of a pile of boxes I am slowly plowing through and sorting. I am reluctant to throw it out. It bears such sadness. It's from Leeds and sent to me on April 15th, 1984.

I find the picture itself rather odd. It looks like an artist's rendition of a municipal building. But the people sitting in front of the wall belie that impression.

The message says:

Dear -------Thank you for all your thoughtful help. I was too late. Buried Dad last week. Will see you in June. Love Pat.

Pat is consigned to the mists of time but the poignancy of her message lingers on.


  1. Amazing how an old Postcard or photo can take you right back to a time or place from the past.

    I find handwriting really stops me in my tracks. I wonder what will trigger memories for future generations? Somehow, I doubt emails will have the same pull.

  2. Hello,
    I came across your Blog when it turned up in my search for nuala o faolain flesh and blood. I am just reading her novel, having read Are You Somebody a couple of months ago. I am facinated with her, but do confess to mixed feelings about her memoir. I think she would love that.
    Keep up the blog,
    Donna LeBlanc

  3. Handwriting affects me too, the way Grannymar says. It has a physicality missing from emails, an immediacy with the writer that uniform text can't get near. So a postcard can become a powerful personal artefact.

  4. I have a postcard that says "doing chemo again, rats!!
    From a friend I lost when he was 24

  5. Not many words needed to explain this.

  6. Poignant!

    I remember the building depicted well - lived in Leeds 1970 to 1999.


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