Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Free for the Taking

You know what matters?

I'll tell you what matters.

Facing away from the breathtaking sunset on my left tonight and looking east, and then north and south, I catch all points of the sky reflecting shyly, in these delicate shades of pink, the wildest colours of crimson, orange, purple in the west. And I stand in awe.

And think to myself: if more people were aware of this staggering beauty, maybe we could all just cop ourselves on a little more and treasure this one wild and precious life and its awesomeness.

I mean, if we only saw this sight once every, say, 25 years, we would be on our knees, right?


  1. It is just beautiful!

    We have such a lovely Earth, and so few people (statistically speaking) seem to take the time to appreciate it (so few of my colleagues even notice the sea in all its glory just out of our office windows)

    We ought to have an "Earth Appreciation Day" as a public holiday, where we all go out and find the glory that is around us!

  2. You are so right. We take it all for granted and go on with our little self-important lives. I'm going to stop and look today. My favorite line: I mean, if we only saw this sight once every, say, 25 years, we would be on our knees, right?

  3. Interesting concept, WWW. Now how do we get people to accept that such beauty might not be around in 25 years, if greedy humans don't stop destroying our one and only planet? xo

  4. And there would be a lot more beautiful spots like that if greedy developers hadn't put up hideous hotels, housing estates, factories and other monstrosities in previously unspoilt places.

  5. now, if you had to buy a view, people might put more value to it - or if developers were heavily fined for not providing a view or large corporations had to pay half their profits to replace the natural resources they used or spoiled...

    too many people think the most beautiful color green can be found on a dollar bill.

  6. It's not often I'm lost for words - but I'll just shut up and watch the sunset.


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