Saturday, June 19, 2010

Love Notes

I have a little shelf that holds little love notes, cards and postcards that are dated only in the current year. I've done this for years. I started out many, many years ago throwing them into a crystal bowl on a coffee table until I found this silvery note holder in a junk shop and I've been using it ever since. I keep the cards and notes on it for the calendar year and then recycle them at the beginning of the following year.

I haul it over to the table when I am having a down day and re-read everything again to myself. I am prone to depression periodically and unpredictably so these really help me to get my balance on a more even keel so I can shoo The Black Dog out of the room..

Who are they from, you might ask.

They're from my daughter. They're from friends and relatives who miss me and send me little cards and notes and maybe a CD or a book or a clipping from a newspaper or magazine I might enjoy.

But guess what? They're mainly from clients. Clients I've had for many, many years. Who toss a little love note into the envelope along with their cheque.

Imagine that.

Who sends love notes to their accountant?


  1. i am absolutely sure that I would if you were my accountant.

  2. I would send you love notes if you were my accountant. Especially if you worked it out so I got back a lot of money on my taxes.

  3. Nothing wrong with sending love notes to your accountant. Especially if you've bailed them out of a massive impending disaster. I would have appreciated a few love notes in my own workplaces. Even simple thank-yous were often lacking.

  4. I miss you and haven't even met you in person. It's interesting how these cyber friendships feel.

  5. You know what? I'm going to send my money manager a love note. I never thought of it, and I really do love her. She keeps me feeling secure and peaceful.

  6. People who love money would probably send a love note to their accountant...and money is a very popular commodity these days. Me? I'd never send a love note to my accountant because (a) I'm not a materialist and (b) my accountant is my husband and that would totally defy the purpose of the love note...

    Having read this post I do wonder if he is getting love notes from other people that I know nothing about.


  7. @Twain:
    It is extraordinary, isn't it?
    I always play by the rules!
    Some of my clients are quite challenging, and know it. And didn't you work for charities mainly? How uncharitable they were!
    Totally. Kindred. Spirits.
    I'm so glad I was the catalyst!
    In your assumption you are incorrect. My clients are mainly artistic, impoverished and delinquent in their filing of taxes. Money is not their primary motivator. At all. As to your husband, it depends on his client base. Mine refer to me as their 'financial healer' and my business is 100% referral.

  8. Sweet idea, WWW. I'd copy it if anybody sent me love notes - which they do not. ;-)

    We sent a kind-of love note (thank you card) to our tax lady at HR Bloc the first year I was in the US, as our stuff was a bit complicated. That's as far as we've gone in that direction though. I recall long ago sending a kind-of love note to my dentist after I had two front teeth capped and they looked so good. LOL! I wonder if he displayed it. Dang! I miss that dentist. He was wonderful.

  9. T:
    I sent love notes to all the team that saved my life 17 years ago in an emergency operation.
    I also send love notes to authors I admire and have often been the recipient of lovely notes in reply. Alan Bennett being one of my most treasured!
    Also I send out little ones to friends and family for no reason.


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