Monday, June 21, 2010

Introducing Cara*

When I want something, watch out.

In spite of the 25 other buyers lined up for this baby,
In spite of no hitch yet on Strawbella,
In spite of the banks being closed today (gawdluvusall - it is Orange Day here in Newfoundland)and buddy needing cash for the sale.
In spite of the rain that keeps pouring down non-stop.

Solstice smiled on me and said "Cara shall be yours."

I convinced buddy to hitch it to his truck and follow me the 90KM to my place and park it and stabilize it and show me how to operate the hitch widget and then call his buddies who will install my hitch and hook up my electrical connections.

She's some beautiful, I'll tell ya. It was love at first sight. She has a private little washroom, a stove, a fridge, a table that seats four and she sleeps four, cosy-like. Maybe Grannymar can spare a few Toyboys as crew?

*Cara is short for caravan which is carabhan in Irish and is also the Irish for 'friend'.


  1. WWW, your Hotmail account has been hijacked again by someone trying to sell me something. Time to change your password again.

    Your Cara is lovely. You were very lucky to get her. And now for the open road!

  2. She is beautiful! Well done you on getting her despite the difficulties - and enjoy the open road!

  3. Very nice indeed. But it looks far too small for all those splendid facilities. They must be very ingeniously arranged.

  4. She is wonderful! We are hoping to add a Cara to our family soon.

  5. I can't thank you enough for your kind comment to my "worry" posting. The next-breath mantra is one I will try to remember.

  6. She looks very smart, and ready for anything - bet she can't wait to be out on the open road with Strawbella and the WWW!

    Hope we'll hear from you now and then. :-)

  7. Lovely. May the road rise rise up to meet you both! xoxo

  8. Hello Cara, a chara. How fine your colours, with their hint of Ireland.

  9. A Real beauty! Wishing you many hours and years of happy travelling together.

    What was that about Toyboys..... I'll think about it! ;)

  10. @Marcia:
    I knew you'd agree!
    Thanks for the tipoff. I'm having awful trouble with hotmail, they are disappearing a lot of my email. I changed my password. AGAIN. If I could, Cara and I would head for the other NL!
    It's quite strange but if I really really want something another energy seems to enter my psyche...
    It is a model of creative use of small space and it seems HUGE inside, I was staggered when shown the inside for the first time, I will take pics.
    She's adorable.
    I think this little Cara would be a wee bit too small for you guys!
    I only pass on what works for me. I do hope you benefit from it!
    It will take me a while to get all the widgets for safe driving (mirrors, wires, hitch, electrical and maybe a generator) but I can hardly wait!
    But in too steep a fashion, old Strawbella would be breathing too hard!
    My thoughts when I saw her. She looks so damn Irish. I will have festoon her with shamrocks!
    Oh you've got so many, you can spare a couple, surely? ;^)

  11. What a fabulous find! Enjoy your travels and keep us "posted."

  12. Yes, Pauline, she is a little pet, isn't she?

  13. oh GOD that looks fun. oh my oh my. i love it already. so glad you two met.

  14. Cara is sooo cute, you'll have such fun with her. I've been looking for a Ham Can of my own around here, but the right one hasn't come along, yet.

  15. Laurie:
    Yes slowly getting ready with her. My hitch being put on this Wednesday, the open road, Cara, Ansa and me, what a trio!

  16. Brighid:
    "Ham Can" I absolutely love that! I won't say it too loud though as Cara might hear me.
    Good luck with your search, they're out there if you jump right away when you see one for sale, like I did.
    And completely reasonable!


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