Sunday, June 20, 2010

No Matter Where I Go, There I am.

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I have the most intense desire to travel these past few weeks. Nowhere off this island or involving planes.

I have this overwhelming urge to pack the laptop, abandon here and go there. To be more specific: anywhere.

I contacted a couple of far flung inns to no avail (I suspect the dog being a negative) and now I've made an appointment tomorrow to investigate buying a small wee hardtop trailer (or caravan which was what we called them way back in my murky childhood)to hitch to Strawbella and just beetle around this vast province to my heart's content and at minimum cost. And finish, really polish and finish, one of my novels and send it off.

I don't know where this sense of urgency is coming from. Or how long it will last. Or why I feel just getting away is the push I need to do this. But it pulses away underneath every task I'm doing at the moment, every tree I plant, every file I handle.

And the little trailer? B'y, she do be right cute altogether. I'm hoping she'll feel the same about me.

I'll keep ye posted.


  1. Ah, the call of wanderlust! I love it and have done it so often in my short life that I feel a slight twinge when I hear you speak of it. At the moment, I'm *sort of thinking about* an excursion to Italy sometime in the late fall ... of course, the budget is the determining factor in all of that. Haven't been there and want to see a few parts of it. Anyway, enjoy your rediscovered wanderlust and relish it. yee-haw! :-)

  2. Oh dear, I do hope your caravan is equipped with broadband. Otherwise, how shall we manage without you?

  3. I think you must do it, WWW. It's an adventure I can see you take on. And finishing your novel? yes, definitely. Make sure you have as may comforts as possible, though.

  4. Go for it! You never know what will happen next season, next year, and the call of wanderlust cannot be safely denied. And, of course, with a caravan, you can really go where the wandering takes you - no need to be tied to places or dates :-D

  5. I know what you mean, sometimes those itchy feet simply won't stop itching, you just have to take a trip. Hope you end up somewhere really beautiful. That shouldn't be too hard in your particular location....

  6. god bless wanderlust.

    try googling 'dog friendly accommodation' for the area you wish to stay in.

    we did this and found an excellent place to stay with our black labrador in baltimore, west cork last weekend. shot some beautiful minke whales off fasnet rock.

    ok, so the location doesn't help but the theory used might be useful!!


  7. OOOOOh! Great way to scratch those itchy feet, WWW!

    Friend of Himself, whose funeral we attended last week, did the same thing (on a bigger scale). He and his wife sold their home, bought a "5th wheel" trailer and travelled the USA for years - until he grew too ill to continue.
    She told us that there's no sense of freedom like it. I can imagine!

    Hope you acquire the trailer today!

  8. @VP:
    Ah, maybe this wanderlust thing has befallen Newfoundland in a big way -certainly in your case!
    Ah, Italia, it's been many, many years but the memories linger on.

    I think my turbo stick might work!

    I don't need much but a good mattress is a definite!

    Like they say: we only regret the things we didn't do!

    You're right, the beauty never ends here!

    Are you serious? You're in my old stomping ground, Baltimore, Sherkin, Cape Clear, Carbery's 100 Isles!!!! Give it all a kiss from me! And by shooting, I know you mean photos, right? Right?

    I think the unrooted feeling must be amazing, I'm not going that extreme on it all but the odd week here and there will be a joy! Isn't it lovely they did what their hearts wanted?


  9. yep, taking photos somewhere between cape clear and fastnet rock,
    I didn't go japanese on them on the beautiful whales.

    went on a sea safari that went past all the islands. the weather was stunning. we could do it on a day trip from home but is much better to have a sleep-over, specially when we can bring our black lab.



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