Sunday, June 06, 2010

Oil Spoil

Their only crime was
To live unfettered.
Free on the water,
Soaring in the air,
Unprotected from those
Who would deny and
Dement. Destroy. Damn.
Deaden. Debase. Discard.

I too was turning away, sickened to weeping by this crime against the world and its helpless creatures.

I will no longer turn away. I want these images burned into my very being. I want those callous bastards brought to justice and those evil politicians who collude with them.

Turning away has enabled the invasions of Iraq, Afghanistan, Rwanda, Israeli death squads in Gaza and on relief ships.


  1. Well, I looked at it, but I couldn't do it for long. One look burns the image.

  2. And the chief executive of BP, Tony Hayward, is still banging on about how financially sound the company is, how they can ride out this crisis etc etc. The human and wildlife consequences still seem to be a matter of minor importance.

    Then I see yet more pictures of pelicans completely covered in oil struggling to move.

  3. The rich and the greedy take and the innocent suffer.

    I think that the CEs, the high up politicians etc should be made to go "on the front line" - the entire board of directors of BP should spend a month or so scrubbing oil off of birds, manually clearing up the beaches. The leaders of Israel and the world politicians who support them should spend a month or so living in the prison that is Gaza, and see what a lack of food, medication and shelter does to people.

    Only by getting the "strategists" to come out of their ivory towers and see that it isn't numbers and dollars that they are talking about, but people, animals and reality, could we ever get them to understand that this is unacceptable.

  4. I guess if you have the means ti take it out of the ground it becomes your oil, right? I guess you better also have the means to clean up the godawful psill you made with it. But really, who is going to listen to us? Aren't we mad enough already? Boycott BP? Boycott Britain? What does a Dutch woman do?

  5. HOW do we get the CEOs, the war strategists, the politicians to clean up their own messes? HOW do we make them more humane, more thoughtful, more aware of the suffering they so blithely brush off? I agree with Jo that it's a good idea but I don't see how "we the people" can enforce that. We like to think the vote is our power but look at some of the scary candidates we get to vote in! If we mailed dead, oil soaked birds to BP CEO homes, left the mess they've created on their doorsteps, we'd be the ones arrested. So, what CAN we do besides protest, boycott (which would require the masses to be effective), and then clean up their messes ourselves?

  6. In some ways we, ourselves are to blame. Ever since the Industrial Revolution we have demanded more and better, bigger and newer. Not only in the USA (where this has been more intense)but all over the developed world.

    This is one of the the results, made worse by a set of the most disreputable scoundrels the world has ever known, who have a hold on the reins of everything.

    What can we do? Yes, I know we can change our ways, one by one.
    Repair rather than buy new, re-cycle, use public transport where available..etc.etc.etc. But it won't change anything. Only a full-on revolution by the people will change anything, and the people are not yet ready. I don't know whether they will ever be ready. Not until the last superstore has run out of supplies, the last crop has been harvested and the last source of water has been poisoned.

  7. I totally agree with all the posts, but particularly with Twilight's.
    Who are they digging this oil for?

  8. I remember someone saying one time that if you hurt Mother Nature, she will fight back. We have spent so much time exploiting this planet that maybe the time has come when the planet says enough is enough. As for Barack Obama, too little, too late. He governs by the polls and they will be his demise when he next faces the electorate.

  9. Everyone who uses oil (i.e., most people on earth) carries some responsibility for this disaster, and for every other environmental insult brought about through the need or desire for cheap, convenient fuel. Some people, of course, are more to blame than others, but they are unlikely to be brought to justice. Plus ├ža change...

  10. All it takes for evil to triumph is for a few good men to say nothing.
    A few tried, but failed to gain the attention needed to prevent this.
    Too late now...


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