Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Stormy, Snowy, Rainy day.

Stormy precipitation through the window.

Days like today get cancelled. In theory. Trips to the city with a long list are abandoned. The wind howls. The fire crackles. The precipitation can't make up its mind. One minute it's snow, next it's a hard rain. It drifts everywhere. I can't get at the bird feeders without risking a limb. The birds line up along the railing, their feathers in complete disarray, shivering. Glaring at me.

It nearly brings me to tears. My front door has the storm unit put up from outside, so I can't open it in the winter. And I have to go out the backdoor and along the ice and through the drifts to reach the bird feeders. It's not happening today.

I whisper to them: "Can you hear me? Double rations when the storm breaks. Seriously. And all your favourites too."

Leo tops up my wood pile. The only reason he is out in the storm is because he has to fight his way to the shop for his daily cigarettes. For once, I am grateful for someone else's serious smoking habit. I have enough wood in now for 3 days.

I watched A Dog Year as I ate the lasagna that has fed me for three days now. And cried over the movie. Therapeutically of course. And gave Ansa some extra cuddles as I tried to engage her in the dog scenes in the movie. Ever do this with a dog? They really try for a while, head cocked to the side, looking at you, looking at the screen, and then yawn and get bored and wonder, I'm sure, how their crazy humans could watch something so mind numbing.

There is something about the wind howling down the chimney and the house so toasty warm from the fire, a good movie on the screen and the feeling that all is well within my four sturdy walls.

Peace out.


  1. Good you still got power (and internet)! Dog Year sounds interesting, I'll have to look for it. Guess I just need a dog to curl up with?

  2. I don't know if that sounds pleasant or what. I think I prefer my springlike weather, even though you have a cozy fire. It's a good thing you have Anza to cuddle on cold days like that. And thank goodness for Leo and his smoking habit. He could buy a couple of packs at the time and not top your wood pile.

  3. This sounds good for a day or two. After that, I would go nuts.

  4. Enforced idleness is not as interesting as an 'away' day. The 'away' being your chosen days without technology.

    Stay safe, warm and dry!

  5. It's really funny when a dog is trying to understand something human. They cock their ears and look inquisitive and then after a minute or two they just come over totally confused, admit defeat and go back to imagining enormous bones.

  6. I'm almost envious, WWW. Our winter has disappeared abruptly.
    We hit 80* yesterday- just silly in mid-Feb, after a minus 3 not long ago. :-)


  7. It is very cold here but the sun is out......stay cosy and warm inside, Spring is not that far away......:-)Hugs

  8. Oh Annie:
    You need another wonderful dog. What a gift they are! You'd enjoy the movie I think, very unHollywood and a very real dog!
    Leo tops up the woodpile every 3 days but during weather like this he often comes every day just to make sure.
    Welcome to the nuthouse!
    Like you, I prefer mine by choice!
    My heart just about explodes when Ansa perks her ears and tilts her head to the side, desperately trying to understand what a flat screen is all about for Two Legs.
    80? 80!
    Unbelievable. Snow stops and gets its breath her and then pounds us again in between chilly rain. I am lucky I have a rich interior life!
    You promise? Seriously? It doesn't feel like it to me.....

  9. Oh, that sounds so nice. And I think dogs like TV. Ours are ecstatic when we sit down for our evening lecture. When I tell them it's time for their lecture they rush into the bedroom and get on the sofa we keep there for TV. And they don't go to sleep any faster than Jerry does.

  10. It's so easy sometimes to lose track of the simple pleasures. I haven't had a wood stove in years but have fond memories of the sort of things you mention. On the other hand, sitting here at nearly 3am, in a quiet, warm house with no immediate concerns about food or shelter is so much more than millions of people in this world have. And simply being able to read your wonderful reflection online is something that about 25% of Newfoundlanders with illiteracy issues are unable to do. We truly are a fortunate people in so many, many ways.

    Stay toasty and blessings to Leo.

  11. Anne:
    I think the dogs like the cuddles and the human IN ONE SPOT and available!
    What on earth are you doing up so late? (though I can appreciate being such a nighthawk myself!).

    More and more I'm aware of the illiteracy here and how it spills out into every aspect of life. And the poverty here too as well as around the globe and not just the so-called Third World. i.e. 50 million USians on foodstamps!

    We are truly fortunate to have our larders stocked and our homes warm.



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